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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Political Realities

While listening to the news, as I am wont to do of  Sunday Morning, I listened to John Bolton speak to Iran's claim to have created nuclear fuel rods.  I was amazed at his knowledge of the geography, physics, and politics.  I exclaimed to my husband, "He gets it.  Rare for a politician."  We then began talking about the region and nuclear fuel rods and I finally realized something that I'd always pushed back in my consciousness because, to me at least, it is incomprehensible.

The Left politicizes everything.  And I do mean everything.  The would politicize their mother's death if they could, and if memory serves, some may have done.  And yet, they do not see Political Reality.  We hear those two words come out of the mouths of career politicians and yet they don't get it.  I told my husband it's like being gut shot and denying you are bleeding out.  He said it was more like being the Black Knight in Monty Python's The Holy Grail.  Their ability to deny the reality staring them right in the face is exactly like the Black Knight denying he's obviously injured.

They are much like kindergartners wanting everyone on the playground to like them and play with them.  They are quite willing to do anything to try to make someone like them, ignoring the harm they are doing to the people who actually do like them.  They curry favor as if their lives depend on it.  In some ways, I guess it does.  Their entire identity is based upon friends and people they can use expediently to achieve their goals.

Think about it for a moment.  Since the 60s they have warehouse their ballot cattle in The Projects, those pits of despair that breed nothing but dependency and less than mediocre effort on anything.  But every election year you will see politicians out at these places, promising anything and everything to get votes, then these places and the people trapped within them are forgotten until they are needed to keep the politicos in power again.  LBJ said, when signing Welfare and Medicare into law, "This will keep the N*****s voting Democrat for the next 100 years!"

Yes, they are valued.

But then, ask yourself, how many baby mommas and the few young men within the projects not in jail or on drugs, actually vote?  How many?  I believe that if you went to any of the myriad Warehouses for Ballot Cattle during any given election and asked people if they voted, and that question only, you would find, hardly any had.  They are taken care of, fed and housed by the politicians they have no interest in.  Just keep shoving money at them in whatever form, and they will continue not voting. Why?  Because they know what they are and they know that they have to do exactly nothing to keep getting free housing, food stamps and medical care.

If you do not believe me, look at Great Britain since they signed National Health Care into law. Look at the uneducated cud chewing cows sucking off the government teat and their complete disinterest in doing anything at all while they are given everything.  They now have 3 generations of people told that they are entitled to the fruits of the labors of others while doing absolutely nothing for themselves except being born.  Watch as they riot when told they might actually have to pay for a higher education.

The political reality is this, those people they have cultivated, and husbanded for their votes, care nothing at all for them and would most likely shank them in the back for enough money to buy a dime bag or tennis shoes.  Do they admit this even to themselves? No, they sit back with Nancy Legosi and try to convince their Idiocracy how much they are doing for them and actually convince themselves that they are telling the truth, despite each and every single bit of evidence pointing to the contrary.  It's delusion of the highest order.

And that is why I will spend 2012 trying to make Liberalism a Mental Disease and Defect.  Because I care about them and want the medical intervention they so desperately need.  Our budget for straight jackets will go through the roof.  An acceptable sacrifice, since the money will just have to come from cutting all welfare, which just enables their disease.  See?  I'm already solving the problem.

After that, allow real education in inner city schools and watch people break out all over full of optimism in their own futures, driving their own destinies off the Liberal Plantation.  That is my real goal.  Letting them see what they can do with no help from anyone and relying on their own minds.

My hope for them is much better than handing them money or trying to convince them that they aren't smart enough or good enough to get out of their Pits of Despair.  I want them to see that they can get out, stay out and live better lives.

Yeah, I'm a rebel.

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