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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Hey, I get to jump on the bandwagon!  However, my review is more of a critique than "this happened then" type of caper.

2011 was the year a great many truths became revealed to the willfully blind. In other words, many chickens came home to roost, and many of them laid rotten eggs.  Let me enlighten...

The Housing Market.  I am sickened unto death of hearing people on TV and in articles, whining about how they've lost their homes and they're underwater.  Someone call them a Waaaahhhhmbulance, please. Greed got you in to that house.  Both you and your original lender knew you couldn't possibly pay off the loan you got for a house way out of your means, but you both signed the papers, rubbing your hands together and smirking, thinking that you were pulling one over on everyone.  You were getting something for nothing.  Your lender promised it. You ate the bullshit.  Help me out here, which one of you is the villain?  Both of you are freakin' retards and deserve every ounce of reaming you get.  You deserve to lose the home you couldn't dream of affording and they deserve to lose the money they loaned you, knowing you couldn't ever pay it off.  The numerous sub-prime lenders who then bought and sold your mortgage thereafter deserve that special pit in hell dedicated to hourly anal rapings with barbed wire.

So shut up, go rent something and save up and be realistic about whether or not you can afford to buy a home. It's not a right.  And anyone who tells you any different is selling sub-prime loans.  Butch up, shut up, get to work earning money to buy a home you can realistically afford.  Those of us who did and do that resent the living hell out of you whining pieces of crap and refuse to pay for your avarice. (Another word you can look up in a dictionary that means something, really.)

Occupy Whatever.  I believe that Adam Carolla distilled the essence of the OWS crowd by saying that their whining and sniveling is nothing more than coveting and jealousy.  Newt Gingrich said it as well as I already had, get a job, but take a shower first. You guys don't stand for anything, you just hate everything.  You don't want to win, you just want everyone to lose.  In a perfect world you would have been killed as soon as your type was identified and hopefully before you breed what you won't feed.  Get a real job, Junior.  It's no one's fault but your own that you majored in Elizabethan Literature with an emphasis on Italian Sonnets. But those chicks in college you got to bang because of your sensitivity still aren't returning your calls.  Grow up, shower, shave and try to get a job flipping burgers and work your way up the ladder like real people have to do.  Carpe diem.  That's Latin, but I bet you heard it in college.

Eric Holder and the Tragedy of His DOJ.  Eric Holder has only two logical excuses for the absolute lack of morals, values or even justice of his cabinet position.  He is either completely ignorant of the law, in which case he should be disbarred and shot in the head.  Or, he has an agenda he is forcing through to the detriment of the American people, damn the Constitution.  In which case he should be disbarred, pilloried on The Mall, then tarred, feathered and locked in a glass case as a warning for other would be Progressives.  Between the Fast and Furious scandal, in their attempt to completely shit on the Second Amendment, and the Black Panther voter fraud cases they dismissed out of hand, Eric Holder's DOJ is possibly the most corrupt agency in the Federal Government.  It should be completely dismantled and everyone within fired out of hand.  Start over with a clean slate with people who agree that we are a country of laws, not a country of men.  Then get your fire breathing dragon to burn every vestige of them from the face of the earth.  This man does not deserve respect or even recognition.  He may not have personally killed hundreds of Mexicans and a border agent, but he may as well have.  And when it all blew up in his stupid, vapid face, he did the only thing his kind know how to do... Play the Race card.  Screw you, Eric Holder.  You fucked over people in two countries.  I hope they all show up in your dreams and give you insomnia.  I hope that you soon show the blithering, ignorant idiot you are to every man, woman and abortion on the planet.  Then I hope you live a long, wretched life knowing that you are hated by everyone and everything in this solar system.  TV and radio waves are still spreading about the universe, so we could widen the scope to our Galaxy.

The Arab Spring.  I hope all of you misogynistic bastards rot while you are still alive on this Earth.  And I hope the only people who can help you are the women you've abused and harmed.  If that be the case, I hope you live as long as Eric Holder.  Well hell, either way I hope you live long and horribly.  May your children spit on you while you are still alive.  Trust me, even then you have not begun to pay for your crimes against humanity.  My wish for you for the years ahead?  To be the most miserable piece of crap on the planet.  I want you to be the kind of person people wouldn't cross the street to piss on if you were on fire.  Oh, and I do hope you are on fire.

For my readers, friends and family, I wish that all of you are successful, prosperous, and brilliant in the upcoming year.  I want you to live life and do your jobs to the best of your abilities and to get ahead because of it. I want you to do well and will cheer when you do.  I want you to want it for yourself.

Happy 2012 my friends.  Live well.

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