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Sunday, January 01, 2012


In reading about some school voucher program in Indiana having record breaking numbers of people clamoring for them caught my mind.  In a state where a majority of the school going children are white, black, poor parents are trying to get vouchers to send their children to private schools.  I don't think that anything I've read recently gave me as much hope as that little blurb on some news aggregation site.  It tells me that these parents realize that they ONLY way their children will get off the Ballot Cattle Plantation is education.  And when I say education, I mean EDUCATION, not indoctrination.

As Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain and numerous others have shown us, once people on the plantation become aware there is a way out, they will grab it and never look back.  They know that only hard work mentally and physically can get you ahead and that no one gives you anything without expecting something in return.  They see the harm of Affirmative Action and the like of the Social Engineering attempts of the Liberals in the past 50 years.

This is why the Left and Teachers unions are desperate to keep the poor in their warehouses with crap schools that only indoctrinate them that they are owed something they haven't earned and don't deserve.  And, just like The Mob, if you try to get out they will drag you back to the plantation, kicking and screaming to be their ballot slaves for the rest of your miserable existence.  On drugs?  They have rehab programs to make sure you never fully get off of them, by telling you that's it's not your fault.  Squirting out kids faster than Octomom?  It's not your fault you can't keep your knees together and it's your reproductive right to breed what you can't feed, because you always had the choice to get an abortion and less in welfare.  Criminal?  It's not your fault.  You're a criminal because wealthy corporations have nothing better to do than personally hold you down, because if you got a job and made a decent living, you would see you could get off the plantation and never vote for them or their policies again.  Bad, hurtful, evil corporations have endless resources to personally destroy your life.  Just to make a political point, of course.

The Underground Railroad is not a network of people hiding slaves and pushing them towards freedom.  It's the ideas of rational minds telling people that the ONLY thing holding them down is themselves by accepting the Liberal stance that they are "less than" and aren't smart enough or good enough or deserving enough to work their way out of poverty and ignorance.  It is why they strike out so viscerally against any of their "protected" classes like blacks, Hispanics and gays who go off the Plantation and tell their contemporaries that they do NOT need Liberal patronage to succeed. It is why they tried to ruin Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes and many others who refused to wear the shackles of intellectual slavery.

My challenge to my readers in 2012 is to educate yourselves.  Don't just take what you read in the newspaper, see online or hear on TV as correct.  Challenge yourself to find out things that interest you and get all of the information you can.  Don't depend on any one news source.  Don't believe anything on television.  I certainly don't.  I check things out elsewhere, double check and refuse to take anything on MSNBC seriously.

Call people on stories you know to be untrue.  Seriously, call BS right then and there, challenge them on it, but be armed with facts and not feelings.  Argue intelligently.  This means reading, digging and sometimes sifting through all the garbage to get to the kernel of truth or finding there isn't even that much.

Learn who your candidates are and what they stand for or say that they stand for when confronted with constituents and cameras.  Vote smart, don't EVAR vote straight party ticket.  That's lazy and shows you don't even care enough to read up on the issues and candidates.

Yeah, it's a little more work, but it becomes easier to recognize the chaff while sifting the wheat.  You will be smarter and able to see things as they truly are, not the reality politicians want us to see.

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