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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Behold! The Arms Dealers of Class Warfare

Never before in American History has the class warfare card been played, along with all the other questionable cards in the Progressive Liberal's hand, as often as in the past year of the Obama Administration.  In fact, they remind me of the Nicolas Cage character in the movie Lord of War .  He says that there are over 550  million firearms in the world, one fire arm for every 12 people on the planet.  His only question is how to arm the other 11.

Terry Goodkind put it best in his book, Wizard's First Rule:

Because of Wizards First Rule, the old wizards created Confessors, and Seekers, as a means of helping find the truth, when the truth is important enough. Darken Rahl knows the Wizard's Rules. He is using the first one. People need an enemy to feel a sense of purpose. It's easy to lead people when they have a sense of purpose. Sense of purpose is more important by far than the truth. In fact, truth has no bearing in this. Darken Rahl is providing them with an enemy, other than himself, a sense of purpose. People are stupid; they want to believe, so they do."

Darken Rahl was not the only politician to realize this.  In fact, the Liberals count on it to promote an ideology so flawed that the only way to get marginally rational human beings to accept it is to enure them.  They use the mindless useful idiots who swallow their BS with a smile to further their narrative by screaming their slogans and half-baked philosophies.  Let's face it, if one person among the Occutards could logically explain any one thing they are screeching about, he'd be leader in a day and the Abbie Hoffman of his generation.  I guess we can thank the modern public education system for the fact that none of these mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging morons is capable of thinking deeply enough to even question why they are living in squalor and filth while their masters are in their penthouses, sipping champagne and plotting on how to keep their goodies while stealing those of others.

Does it ever make you wonder why all of this Socialist thought is based on the concept of stealing?  I mean, it sort of makes you wonder why they can't conceive of honestly earning a dollar?  Seriously, it confounds them.  If a worker makes a paycheck, it's only because he's found a way to get over on the boss.  The boss is constantly thinking of ways to screw over the worker.  Socialist and union theory is based entirely on pre-school logic of fair and MINE!  Think about it for a moment then watch children playing, preferably three or four year olds.  Within this microcosm you will witness the very germ of socialist theory.  Extrapolate this to adults with drivers licenses and libidos sleeping in parks and you have Occutards.  A "class" of people too lazy or too stupid to think for themselves.  Seriously, why would we listen to anything they have to say?

But it brings us back to these Arms Dealers in their self-proclaimed war.  What do they get out of it? That is the question we ask ourselves, then tell ourselves that they can't possibly be serious because what we see at the end of their tunnel vision is the end of everything and we are the ones who cannot conceive of anyone wanting that.  And we would be wrong.  I'm not saying that every swinging idiot out there sees the end as we do.  They cannot permit themselves to see or acknowledge what really lies at the end of their philosophy, so they just don't.  Just as a 4 year old refuses to see that the candy at the check-out aisle at the grocery store might ruin his appetite for dinner, they kick, cry, scream and throw tantrums the moment that reality intrudes on what they think they want.

So, let us, right here, right now, give voice to what it is they really want.  They want nothing for anyone.  They want death and release from the responsibility of living as a rational, logical human being on this earth.  Nihilism is their goal and Jean Paul Sartre is their God.  If you doubt me, ask anyone who was forced to live under the Soviet fist in the last century.  Ever wonder why people were defecting to America and not to the USSR since it was such a freakin paradise?  Why are people risking their lives across 90 miles of ocean to reach Florida in leaking rafts, floating lawn chairs or anything else they think will get them Feet Dry?  Why is no one going the other way?  Better PR?

When you can think through the previous questions in a rational, logical manner, omitting all emotion and demagoguery, you will have the answer of the Occutard and why Obama and his ilk must not win their Arms Race.  We cannot let them win, for it will mean that we will have to completely kneel at their feet, and frankly, I cannot conceive of that. And I do know exactly what that word means.

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