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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Who Wants To Live Forever?

I've had several great ideas for my blog this week, but between life and new books, never got around to jotting them down.  One thing, however, stuck in my head because of a discussion I overheard this week.  The topic was raising the retirement age.  Right now, as I understand it, the retirement age is set at 67.  I'd check but the Googles and I part ways on the weekends.  You can look it up and correct me in the comments if I sit corrected.

Anyhoo, because we are now required to work longer before our kids can start going broke supporting our asses on Social Security  people have their knickers in a knot.  OH MY GOD!  They scream, cry, rant, rave and rail.  I have to work two more years than I'd originally planned?  What about my "Golden Years"?  What about a 401K or IRA, stupid?  If you'd planned ahead, Mr. Grasshopper, you could retire much sooner than 65 and have a grand old time doing it.

Of course, barring any medical miracles and critical illnesses for which your Medicare won't pay a thing, you should have a wonderful retirement.

And this just begs the question, who the hell wants to live forever in some infirm body, addled mind in some Alzheimer's facility your kids shuck you off to when you can no longer remember them? Oh yeah, sounds ducky.  Sign me up for that plan.

I want to work until I don't want to anymore, and frankly, getting up and going in to a job gives me a purpose as nothing else does.  Even a stupid job where I'm nothing more than a monkey hitting at things.  Because I'd rather be doing than not doing.  I enjoy my life better that way.  Why?  According to the liberals I'm a brain washed automaton willing to slave for The Man.

Who the hell is this Man?  And why does he expect me to work to earn that dime?  Bastard!

Sorry, I was channeling my inner hippy.  I say channeling, you say choking the life out of.  Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

I have known since I was 16 and got my first "paycheck" job (I'd babysat and had paper routes since I was 11) that Social Security was never going to be there for me.  I never planned on it as any part whatsoever of my retirement investment.  Every nickle in there will have been used up by every grey haired, meth addicted POS that sucked off the government teat, crying about how horrible it is that I was providing such a crap existence for them.  Yeah, you plan poorly and it's my fault you're eating Alpo du jour.

See, that is the trouble with entitlements.  No matter what you give their gaping maws, they are ALWAYS screaming for more, just like baby birds, making us work harder and harder while they cry how we are giving them nothing but subsistence.  Get out there and earn your own life, hippy.  It is not my responsibility to see you have a good life.  Altruism is a lie.  Now move along, there is nothing more to see here.

So if you want to live forever, fine.  Just prepared to pay your own way for the entire trip.  No freebooting off my back.

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