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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sev and the Second Amendment

It's been awhile.  Life is what happens when you're too busy to think about new stuff.  I've been thinking while getting ready for the Holidays and some of that would, of course, leak here.  So get yourself a beverage and sit back a spell.  Bide a wee...

With the anniversary of the shooting of Congresscritter Gabrielle Giffords, again the Proggies are out saying we need to ban all firearms.  To make us all safer.  Despite all of the data available for them to examine, they still insist that a defenseless public is a safer public.  Which brings up the Second Amendment to the US Constitution in most circles.  Defenders of the Second Amendment abound and most of them even have unassailable arguments as to why the Founding Fathers saw the need to make sure the public was armed.

Let me 'splain.

Part of the contract with the governed is that the governors will protect them from enemies and hostilities without and within.  However, the Forefathers realized they could not be everywhere all the time.  They realized that a basic, fundamental natural right of every man, woman and child was the right to defend themselves first. People who realize that they are all that stands between a ravening beast and oblivion are more likely to step up to make sure that they are as protected as they can be.  They are not running around screaming, hands waving, demanding that someone save them.  Think about that last sentence for a minute.

Now, ask yourself the question, do you want to be the one loaded for bear when the shit comes down, or do you want to be defenseless waiting for Nancy Legosi to get off her botoxed ass and decide whether or not you deserve saving.  Oh, and as an added bonus, I will allow that you can scream, "I'll vote for whomever saves me" while you're Chicken Littling.

It is my own rational self-interest to protect myself.  I cannot depend on Momma Gubmint to come in like the cavalry in old westerns to save my ass... Especially if it's from myself. And frankly, I don't recognize the governments authority to tell me I don't have the right to defend myself.  The moment they do tell me that, they have broken their contract with the governed and I will no longer recognize any of their self-proclaimed authority on anything.  They broke the contract, I am no longer bound by the contract.  As the lawyers love to say, fruit of the poisoned tree.

Does this mean I have a shelter in my backyard filled with guns and canned goods?  Uh, no.  It means that I own some rifles and shotguns used for the little hunting we do.  We do plan on buying some handguns for target practice, because frankly, it's hella fun.  This does not make me a bitter clinger.  It makes me an American.

An American who will defend herself against all threats, foreign and domestic, up to and including a government that tells me I have no right to protect myself.

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deltasierra said...

My husband was pretty lucky I was not more practiced or near to my shotgun last night, because he came in from being out in the garage for a few hours (when I thought he'd been in bed asleep), and scared the BLEEPITY BLEEP out of me. I had run to the bedroom to wake him up, because he was better with his pistol (he's been practicing), and could get to it more easily than my shotgun. I was shaking for a good fifteen minutes afterward.

When I heard that door open, I thought I had just been transported into my worst nightmare: Someone NOT US walking into our house unannounced and uninvited in the middle of the night. I live in the boonies, and police are few and far between.

It just reminded me how sadly out of practice I am with my shotgun (and my martial arts training), and why I got it in the first place. I should probably also keep my heavy pans in better reach. :)