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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Rick Perry And Being Heartless

There is a scene in the early Part 1 of Atlas Shrugged in which Jim Taggart tries to pillory his sister Dagny for his perceived lack of compassion.  He says:

"Other people are human.  They're sensitive.  They can't devote their whole life to metals and engines.  You're lucky -- you've never had any feelings.  You've never felt anything at all ."
 Dagny looks back at her brother and tries to decipher the essence of his being to try to connect and understand him, but fails.  She just tells him that he must be right, she's never felt anything at all.

And I think back to Rick Perry's disastrous debate question on the giving of instate tuition to illegal aliens.  He tried to explain that better, and in fact, just made it worse this past week.  He said that those who do not want to educate these law breakers are heartless.

Yes, Mr. Perry, I guess I am heartless.

I also don't see the point of educating prisoners.  Why should they get a free education on my dime when I'm scurrying to find every possibility of offsetting the cost of my youngest going to college?  So forgive me for not wanting to supplement the education of people who should not be here in the first place.  Brought over by parents to birth that one anchor baby to hold them all here, I don't care.  If a student from Nigeria is disallowed in-state tuition because they did everything right and applied to a school, got accepted, got the necessary paperwork and visas then why in hell would you give it to a person who is BREAKING THE DAMNED LAWS OR OUR NATION?

Are you feeling me, Mr Perry?  Because this is the way MOST Texas and most Legal Americans feel about your "heartless" remark.

It is not my duty to make sure the child of someone else is educated.  It is my DUTY, if I know my child is educable, to make sure MY CHILD gets that education.  My sense of obligation stretches to those that I consider mine and I do disagree with Mr. Donne aggressively because I do believe that I am an island.  Truly, the loss of my life will impact no one but those I consider mine, so my orbit of influence only goes that far.  I don't expect anyone but me to provide for those I consider mine.  I sure as hell don't want to be paying for yours, too.

So, taking Mr. Perry's stance to the next logical step, if, once those illegals are given an education, where will they work?  They are here illegally and cannot be legally hired by anyone.  Making their furtherance of education sort of wasted, wouldn't you think?  Or, are you thinking that we should pay for these law breakers to get free educations here so they can go back to Mexico and make a go of it there?  By all means, put all of your money in backing that horse.  Just don't expect me to accept the odds and pool in with you.

So, yes, I am heartless because I don't want illegal aliens given a  free education, at any level.  Stop dangling this carrot as well as the auto-citizen carrot in front of them and they WILL stop coming.  If this makes me heartless, if this shows that I've never felt anything, then so be it.  The people who know better are the only people whose opinion of me matters anyway.

But, it certainly does make it easier to rally for Herman Cain in Texas.

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