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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Requiem For An Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs died this week. And, while I was not an Apple fanatic, and the only Apple products I've ever purchased were iPods, I will miss this one man more than any other of my life time.  Just because I wasn't an Apple fanatic does not mean I was not a fan. I was a huge fan of their company from the very first Apple PC put on the market. A machine on which I practiced my mad computer skillz, as a teenager, I might add.

Yes, I switched to PCs because they were cheaper and gave me more of a challenge than the Apple.  With the advent of the Macintosh, I predicted that now, every idiot would own a computer.  I used DOS based OS and programs until I was dragged, kicking and screaming into a GUI environment in 1996.  For those who can read words on a monitor screen and therefore put "good computer skills" on their resumes, GUI stands for Graphical User Interface, a technology originally developed by Xerox, and Steve Jobs saw the beauty of it and capitalized on it with the Mac.  Bill Gates did so to a greater degree for a long while with Windows Bob and eventually the programming abortion that was Windows Vista.  Don't get me wrong, Bill Gates has kept many folks in business by being so bad.  I love Windows all the way to the bank.

Steve Jobs was a guy who saw something that very few men of any age ever see.  He created something that people didn't even know they needed, and then couldn't live without.  Think about the last man who did that.  You'll have to head back 100 years to Henry Ford.  Disagree?  People had horses and carriages.  Of what possible use could a car be?  Ask yourself that as you sit in the drive-thru at Starbucks, my friend.

The rest of the people in my family use Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, ad infinitum.  I encourage this because A) I don't know how to work on Apples, and; B) I've yet to have one single person ask me to fix their Apple product.  Talk about robust.  Their OS are beautiful simplicity.  In fact, they are so simple they are single-handedly responsible for half the morons you run into on the Intarweb.  See the picture, click twice on the pretty picture, now go play!  Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made this possible.  Yeah, I invoked Woz.  Because I love him, even though he's a hippie.  He's one of the two Hippies on the planet that I adore unreservedly.  Steve Jobs didn't do it alone, Woz was there.  Woz was and is not Steve Jobs. He didn't have the drive or clarity of vision that Jobs had.

Oh snap!  I realize I just described Jobs as a dick according to the Gospel of Guy Ritchie.  Well, since I don't have a Desert Eagle .50 anywhere on my person, presently, I had better crack on.

I've read so many news stories, tributes, eulogies, etc.,.  The one that got me was the one Yaron Brook wrote.  Well done, indeed, Mr. Jobs.  In the past 100 years, since the days of Henry Ford, we have not seen your like.  It is with infinite sadness that I must face a future in which your type of vision and leadership are not only discouraged, but punished.  It sickens me to depths of my being that someone less worthy of you will be at the helm of Apple and it will possibly, never again, wow us with the things that you created, marketed and sold to the delight of all of us.

I am about to head off to the Apple Store to buy the last two iPods I will ever purchase.  I've been purchasing iPods from the Apple Store directly for the past six or seven years.  Thanks to the flighty ways of teenaged girls, I have bought more than my "fair share" of them. I go to the Apple Store directly because I always try to cut out the middle man as much as possible and I like to get engraving on the iPod to personalize it, as the person in Baltimore carrying an Apple Green iPod with my daughter's name on it can testify.  Enjoy it while you can, brother, because I see a bright future for you in the Penitentiary or City Morgue.  I pray they find my daughter's iPod in your hand, along with all of her other stuff, including her Bible, that you stole.  Suffer well, asshat.

I would not have been able to even have that last rant if not for Steve Jobs.  Thanks, man.

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