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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Perception as Everything

My last post was about a friend of mine that I only know online.  I, personally, think he's a very bright, nice guy.  I like him.  This morning he was a little (read greatly) displeased with me because of my blog post.  Ok, I can understand that.  The things I wrote about him are in no way flattering to anyone.  But I had hoped that I had gotten my point across that the guy is struggling with this.

I spoke with him at length and he finally got it.  The light came on and he realized that he was buying into the Liberal lie that he was racist just because he didn't like something about a person who was not white.  Bingo, young man!

This brings to mind the latest bon mot from Janine Garofalo.  I love her, as her stupidity has made her comedy gold.  Apparently, the ONLY reason I would want to elect Herman Cain as POTUS is because I am guiltily trying to hide my inherent racism.  Inherent because I am conservative in my political views.  It could not possibly be because he's lived his entire adult life in the business sector, and knows how jobs are really created.  It could not possibly be because I've listened to his 999 Plan and like what I hear.  It could not possibly be because I like the way the man talks straight and not all crab ways like career politicians do.

No.  Could not possibly be that at all.  It HAS to be because I am the most racist, vile person on the face of the earth trying to hide my shame behind hiring a black man.

So, Janine, answer me this... why didn't I vote for Obama?

When Ms. Garofalo can answer that question, perhaps her mind will explode and I will lose most of the derisive laughter aimed at Proggies in the past decade. 

But there is always Sean Penn!

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