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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sophistry and Other Liberal Word Games

Sophistry: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation
Good morning cats and kittens.  It's a rainy Sunday morning, so let's take out our dictionaries and begin to whittle down what is... is.

As I have posted many times before, and written an entire book about, Liberals love to mess with language.  They try to make words like diversity mean unity and tea party mean Hitler Youth Meeting.  If we bother, for just a second, to remember that words have a real meaning, a root from where they stem, we can easily deconstruct any Liberal argument that strays from their usual stomping, screaming and plugging their ears.  Of course, as we all know, their ultimate trumps cards of RACIST! and LALALALA I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU! are not really arguments or true rebuttals, but temper tantrums thrown by people who refused to develop emotionally past kindergarten.

In a recent Klavan & Whittle episode on PJTV they guys discussed of all things... the General Welfare statement in the preamble of the Constitution.  With that they discussed the Interstate Commerce Clause of the constitution, which reads:  "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes".

Yeah, that is IT.  Now, as to the mad power grab of Obamacare, ask yourself these questions, are you a foreign nation? Are you a State?  Are you an Indian Tribe?  If the answer to any of these is no, then Congress has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to make you buy health insurance.  However, if you are a Native American or those who love to claim they have some Indian Blood when it comes to casinos, then perhaps they do have that right.  Do you feel me?

The framers of our Constitution figured that we would not stand for the Government trying to regulate our lives and we would stand up and vote the people who tried to do that out of power.  We showed, them, right?  Boy are we some lazy, stupid mofos.  I blame hippies.  You are free to blame whomever you like if you have voted in all elections for which you were able.  If you didn't vote, STFU and swallow the damned pill you made possible.

Everytime Congress whips out the Commerce Clause, we should all be on the steps of the Capitol Building with our Clue by Fours to show them that words have meaning.  They cannot and will not tell ME what to do with my money, tell me how to earn it, or who the hell I should give it to.  You want my money Nancy Legosi, come fight me for it, because I can guarantee, she ain't gonna fight for it.  She'll either send goons to seize it try to guilt me into handing it over.  Neither tactic will work, because just like the Conquitadores of old, I will smash you with superior ideas and turning your rules back on you.  That's possibly the most fun game God ever created.

So bring on your diversity, your General Welfare, your power grabs and affirmative action, Title IX, student loans and all of the other liberal semantic boondoggles you have for giving people who have not earned anything something they don't deserve.  Then perhaps voters will wake up and realize that their congress critters have jobs they have not earned, do not deserve and should, in fact, be booted from.

I dare ya!

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