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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Identity Politics

I have been up this morning chatting with an online friend who is suffering from insomnia.  He's 27, has a college degree and despairs of ever finding a decent paying job.  Forget paying off college loans at this point, he's just trying to stay in Top Ramen.

This friend of mine is one that I hang on to, because he tends to rub folks the wrong way. Yes, worse than I do.  Impossible to believe, and despite what my detractors say, is possible.  Why?  Because many of the things he says are flat out racist.  More than once I've had to walk away from our conversations because I simply could not stand to read the words he was spewing.  Unlike other of our contemporaries, I refused to ignore him.  Because I have faith that he can see the light of the wrongness of his clinging to emotional crap like this.

He will try to justify his statements by saying he grew up in a racist home.  Big deal.  My mother was a psycho hippie who couldn't tell the truth with a gun to her head.  I am neither, by conscious choice and determination to never be anything I abhor.  Your dad drank and beat your mom?  I guess that makes it OK if YOU do it then, because dear old dad did it, too.

The fallacy of this is too obvious.

You decide whether or not you are going to be racist or drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or an abuser of people.  No one makes that decision for you BUT you.  I know too many people who grew up in alcoholic, abusive homes  who do neither because they chose not to live that way to think otherwise. You can try to justify or rationalize, but we all know that is just lying to yourself and others.  If you are racist it's because you want to be.

If you are held up, your wallet demanded at the point of a gun or a knife, what does the color of the thief's skin matter?  At the end of the day you're still without your wallet.  Does it matter where he came from or whether or not his melanin concentrates?

I've said before that welfare recipients are a bunch of lazy, no-good leeches who should be kicked to the curb. I've been called racist for this outlook.  When you find the racism inherent in the above sentence, let me know.  I've got a cup of coffee and some toast, I can wait.

You see, there is nothing racist in the sentence as I have written it.  If there is any racism, it's in your perception of welfare recipients, not anything that I have said.  It says more about your than I think you would want publicly known.

So stop making excuses.  Stop trying to justify or rationalize something that is emotional and irrational to begin with.  Identity Politics is the worst kind of racism.  It's what W called the bigotry of low expectations.  And, that's a whole other blog...

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Buckwheat said...

I want to believe you. So why is Africa a hell hole? The inmates are now in charge of the asylum. It should be the garden of Eden.

Turn America over to the Democrat party and it will become a hell hole too.

Is it racial? Or is it a way of thinking?

What was so different about Europe from 1200-1800?

Read Paul Johnson's A History of the American People.