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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Protection Money

In the current administration the term "Protection Money" has taken on all of the innuendo and criminality of the Chicago Type Tactics Obama and his thugs employ on a regular basis.

That's a nice guitar factory you've got there, it'd be a shame if anything happened to it.

It begs the question who or what genuinely deserve protection from predation.

Children, of course, but what, after that?

The murder of Kelly Thomas, a homeless, mentally ill man, brought this to the forefront of my attention this morning. Kelly Thomas was murdered by policemen who beat him, hospitalized him where his injuries later killed him. How can I say this? There is video attribution and no way any of those involved can even carry the hint of a hope of getting out of this unscathed. The folks at ReasonTV were kind enough to share.

There are many who think I am a wretched harpie, straight from the 10th level of hell who feels absolutely nothing for anyone. I have to laugh because it shows how little they know of me at all. I'm all for every able bodied and minded individual providing for themselves. Just because you're in wheelchair doesn't mean you get anything special. You get the same as everyone else. Some of the best employees and workers I've ever known were not folks who could even walk out to their cars unassisted after their shift.

Conversely, some of the laziest pieces of crap I've ever witnessed were perfectly capable of playing pro football any day of the week. This is what pisses me off.

Able minded... What, exactly does that mean?

I despise the term "mental illness". Why? Because it's a euphemism used to cover up something that someone feels is shameful. We say it in the same way we say molestation or incest, like it's something dirty. I don't use that term in the same way I refuse to say or even listen to anyone who says the N-word.

The truth of it is most perceived mental problems are chemical imbalances in the brain. That is why most people, when first diagnosed, feel so much better on their medications. However, our knowledge of these imbalances is imperfect, so most of the medications don't work for long and so begins a round-robin of meds, mixing, matching and making people feel like zombies. So they go off their meds. And usually end up on the street. Because, as much as the liberals piss and moan about the treatment of those with organic brain diseases, I don't see any of them opening up more mental/behavioral hospitals to help them. If they could raise half as much money for the treatment of mental illness (ugh) as they do for the snail darter or iceberg stranded polar bears, we could have this beat within a decade.

But they, who decry any stigma to anything, still hold truly organic brain disease as a stigma. They'd much rather try to "cure" the sociopath or kid who chews his fingernails... they are all bent on modifying or manipulating your behavior than they are on honestly researching and treating those who are truly ill. Find a psycho or sociopath? Shoot them, they cannot be cured and will always be predators and never, ever reform, because they don't think they've done anything that hurt them, and they are the only ones who matter. Period, end of story. Just like Pedophiles. And don't misunderstand. Don't for one moment think I don't understand these types of personality disorders. I understand them perfectly and thus I can say with all authority that the best thing to be done is to put a bullet in their brain, bury and forget them. They will never, ever be anything better than what they are. Their entire self-identity is mired in malignant narcissism and you don't matter, no matter how badly you wish you made a difference in their life. They will only take YOU down with them.

I believe people who have organic brain disorders should be protected. I believe that the bi-polar, the depressed, the schizophrenic should be protected because in almost every case, they cannot or will not protect themselves because of the chemical mis-firings going on in their heads. I wish they would all take their meds, but we cannot force them to do so. Even though their refusal comes from a disorganized thought process, we cannot hold them down and force chemicals down their throats, even though it would make them better. However, I don't think leaving them to live on the streets in squalor and predation is the answer if they choose to not take their meds. If they refuse meds then I think they should be institutionalized, if only to protect the rest of us from the things they do because of their imbalances.

Think of it, no more insanity pleas, because if you plead insanity, then refuse to take meds, you're locked up for the rest of your life, regardless of what any jury might say. So take your meds and stand trial, or try to fake it and still end up locked up.

Mental illness (ugh) does not mean you're crazy. Thinking that it does is, however. Crazy is making the same mistake over and over again, expecting a different outcome each time. And that, my Gentle Reader, is the state of the Psychiatric/Psychological game today. We can cure organic brain disorders, however, we will never cure crazy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And how is it that you know the mentally ill have a chemical imbalance? Is there a blood test for a lithium deprivation? Not to my knowledge. Can you get lithium suplements at the health food store?

"We can cure organic brain disorders". Yeah. And we can cure cancer and if we all hold hands and wear pink ribbons the world will be a wonderful place.

Have you ever known someone who is mentally ill? I have. I give them all to you.

And since you are Catholic what do you think of Jesus casting demons of people? Did he just not know any better? Do you know more than he did?