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Friday, September 23, 2011


During last night's Republican Debate put on by Google and FoxNews Channel, Rick Perry lost quite a bit of face on the immigration problem. I got into a spirited debate with a very kind host, Matt Braynard, who opened a channel on Facebook for interested parties. He thinks that I am insufferable and I think he's just not thinking the whole thing through. We built a bridge and got over it. It's what reasonable people do rather than scorched earth, which has it's place, but not with like-minded people.

Rick Perry has not problem with subsidising the children of illegal aliens at State sponsored colleges. I, like Rick Santorum, believe that if you were brought here by your law breaking parents, perhaps you should earn your way through college on your own damned dime. Unfortunately, not enough illegal aliens think college or education is something their children should be striving for, so this is not a huge deal in Texas.

I also don't believe that the sole virtue of your mother treading across the Rio Grande to squirt your out at the door of the ER at a hospital in McAllen, Texas gives you the privilege of being and American Citizen.

The reason Matt and I got into a spirited debate was over Perry's misguided idea that a 1200 mile long fence along the Texas/Mexico border is a good idea that will work. I pointed out that it didn't work so well for the Russians/East Germans. He said that it worked exactly as it was intended, to keep the people in. I countered that that was only half of its intention, the other half was to keep the idea of freedom out. And on that platform it failed utterly, as is evidenced by the fact that the wall can only now be seen in little bottles or in museums and that Germany is no longer east and west, but whole.

I think, that at that point he may have uttered a slur as to my actual IQ, but I asked him to check his premise of the wall "working". Let me 'splain.

Bill Whittle illustrated the idea thus:

Every single year, hundreds of people in Cuba find rafts, inner tubes, leaky boats, rubber ducks, ANYTHING, and head to America, hoping to make Feet Dry somewhere in the Florida Keys. In the entire history of Cuba being ruled by a tyrannical Marxist dictator, how many people loaded into leaky boats, rafts, inner tubes heading INTO Cuba? Exactly none. Zero percent. Nada. Niente. Zilch. Nunca. Big fat goose egg. NONE!

How much American music and books on capitalism and freedom are smuggled into Cuba each year? Truck loads. How many books and Cuban artistry are smuggled out of Cuba each year, discounting cigars and Che t-shirts, that no one in Cuba wears anyway because no one but stupid Liberal Asshats would ever celebrate a mass murdering fucktard? None.

East Berlin built the wall because they knew, given the choice, human being will choose freedom of opportunity every single time. They also know, given the choice, shiftless, sociopathic fucks will choose to stay within a tyrannical system that rewards their idiocy one hundred percent of the time. They built the wall to keep people in to terrorize and exploit, and to keep the ideas of freedom and true democracy out. They were able to the former only merely adequate (people got out by the hundreds and thousands), and the latter not at all.

So building a wall to keep the Mexicans from the freedoms and opportunities in the US is a waste of money and time. Instead, welcome them in. Make welfare of any time contingent on citizenship. Make citizenship easy by demanding a bond on entry to the country to work. The bond will be put forth to cover the costs of the bureaucracy necessary to keep track of things. Once you are here you work, you provide proof of employment and pay. All taxes will be payable on demand. Once you've been here, say, three years, prove you've worked every single day possible, not committed any crimes, not even so much as a parking ticket, can speak English fluently, you will then take the citizenship exam, and if you pass, BAM, new citizen.

However, if you don't work, try to skate by, take up a life of crime, you will be immediately jailed for the rest of your life with no hope of parole OR you can be bussed back to Ciudad Juarez or Matarmoros to be repatriated. If you are found again in America without travel documents you can and will be shot on identification.

Your children will not be automatic citizens. You will not receive food stamps, WIC, housing or Medicaid. However, you can all be bussed back to Mexico on the money we confiscate from you and your household. Your children will not sit in my schools, born in the country, receiving bi-lingual education because you refuse to assimilate.

Come and work. Be successful, be a citizen. Be Productive. Or don't. It's really no skin off my nose, but I won't be supporting you and your family while you live here, sucking off my paycheck.

Want to read the most scathing indictment of non-assimilation? Thaddeus Russell's A Renegade History of the US is once shining example of why assimilation works and why it must work.

Be an American. But, if you choose to be Mexican, then be that in Mexico, because we fought a war to get away from your country. We'll fight and win again to keep you on your side, and I don't see any Santa Ana's on your side of the river, Amigo. However, I do see a Governor here who understands our rights as a state and as a once sovereign nation. I see a state that volunteers more of her sons and daughters than any other state in the Union to the armed forces.

What don't I see? I don't see a fence keeping you from legally obtaining the opportunity to succeed in this nation. The key word being legal. Keep that in mind.

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