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Thursday, September 01, 2011

An Open Letter To Andre Carson

Dear Andre Carson,

Despite your representation of people of the 7th District of Indiana, and despite the position you think you hold in the world, I would like to point out that you are perhaps, just after Sheila Jackson Lee, one of the biggest fuck-tarded asshats that I have yet seen walk through the hallowed halls of The House.

When you stated that there are people in the TEA Party and in Congress that still want to lynch negroes and burn crosses, you clearly showed that you are just as batshit insane at Rep. Lee, who somehow not only got elected to the Houston City Council, but wears a daishiki or mumu within the House Chamber. And let's face it, you were already on thin ice after accusing people surrounding the Capitol area during the Obamacare debacle of shouting the N-word at you, despite all of the proof refuting your spurious claims. I'm not entirely sure that in your public school education you would have been taught the word spurious and that in your Identity Politics victimhood you know how to read, but you can have someone look it up for you and perhaps explain it to you.

Just to inform you, because for an elected official you appear to be appallingly ignorant of certain facts, it was Democrats who enacted Jim Crow laws, started the KKK and lynched whites and blacks in the South. You're from Indiana, so I expect you're completely ignorant of the atmosphere down here. I'm from Texas and you'd have to travel to deep East Texas where they live like Pioneers to find the kind of crass, entrenched racism of which you speak. And every single swinging dick out there will claim he or she is a Die Hard Democrat. They are poor, ignorant and have no wish to be educated or earn a living. You should be familiar with the type. You know, your ballot cattle in the Projects that you drag out for photo ops during an election cycle, then forget about as soon as your ass is back in DC.

However, I digress...

Since you are a Yankee, and dumber than a bag of hair, I feel it incumbent upon me to point out that I don't know a single TEA Party member who tolerates, much less embraces, bigotry of any kind. No, wait, we do discriminate against the stupid, and that may be what is confusing you. In fact, I think I may have a solution for you and your ilk (an ilk is a like minded person, not a big deer, again, have someone look it up for you. I think that you all should come on down to Texas, visit East Texas and experience Longview and Jasper as only black people can. Then you will know true racism. Stupid hatred based on nothing whatsoever. Kind of like your hatred for the TEA Party. Perhaps when some of these fine, upstanding, white Democrats drag you behind their pick up truck for fun, you can explain to them how you are just trying to help them by promising them shit they don't deserve. I'm sure they will stop laughing long enough to listen.

Now, Mr. Carson, not that I am doubting you had an education, I am sure you attended a public school and perhaps got some type of affirmative action boost into college, because we all know, you're too stupid to get into college on anything resembling merit. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin, as your instructors came to discover, but everything to do with your inability to think for yourself. You passed only because you could parrot back the party line of the progressive liberal professors you had and thus you were spewed out into the world no more educated than when you left your Indiana Head Start program. Now you sit as a Representative of the People of Indiana and yet I can see Nancy Pelosi's hand up your ass whenever you open your mouth. I guess your voters never wonder about that when you're on the stump, eh?

I think what you need is a real job, Mr. Carson. Perhaps when you are expected to produce real results and not pie in the sky ideas and stupid ideals and intentions, you might understand what the TEA Party is all about.

Because with the exception of the CBC and a can of cling peaches, everyone knows the TEA Partiers want to see less of you and more jobs and opportunities, less taxes and more spending cuts for crap that doesn't matter. Which reminds me, you don't matter, so thus your salary and pension should be first to go. Again, nothing to do with your skin color, and everything to do with the fact that you are not the sharpest bowling ball in the closet.

Yours in Christ,


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