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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Mental Plantation

If you believe that people of color should only vote for one party, or think any way, with no room whatsoever for dissent, then you are shackled to a mental plantation. If you believe that people in the Arts should be of the same ilk, then you're on that plantation, too.

C. Mason Weaver wrote a book, a couple of years back that helped me identify Identity Politics and recognize it for the evil that it truly is. The fact that he happens to be a black man is incidental. Talk about Truth to Power. The man knows of whence he speaks. I saw him on PJTV in an interview with Sonja Schmidt. The man clearly painted his idea to people of reason who would listen to the logic. He stated quite clearly that blacks are still on a mental plantation and kept there by overseers who will whip them if they dissent or vote other than how they are told by Massah, the DNC being Massah.

I remember watching the interview, slurping my coffee like a hippo with a cleft palate, and thinking, "You, sir, are going to be beaten to death by Black Panther thugs."

I am happy to say I was wrong.

I will have to admit, I've never identified with either political party in this country. I will admit that I am more closely aligned with the GOP of past than I am anything else. Most people would think I am a Libertarian, and most of those people would be wrong. I am for logic and reason. When they create a Vulcan Party, maybe?

The difference between me and a good number of "other" people is that I adhere strictly to logic and reason. I cannot be moved by emotion, pictures of kittens and unicorns. Oh, yeah, they're cute, but will it cause me to make a knee jerk reaction of mock outrage that some would have me make? Nope. Won't happen. Because it's not wise to react to anything with your emotions, and lets face it, that's all the Libs have. "Don't you feel angry about this inequity? Aren't you mad about this exploitation?" The best way to get them to scamper ASAP is to ask a simple question, "What exploitation?"

They can't answer the question because it's premise is non-existent. If you are a business man you are a defacto exploiter. You make your money by exploiting your workers. You couldn't have possibly worked your ass off to build a business that came to employ people who work for an honestly earned wage. You are making a profit, not to enlarge your company and employ more people, but to just make more money so you can go buy hats or something.

This is a jade's trick and unacceptable to the thinking man with an unshackled mind.

Refuse to have your mind shackled. If it means pulling away from people and ideas who would have you automated, then so be it. Better to be alone than enslaved. I am sure the slaves who escaped the plantation, who yearned to be free physically and mentally, would approve.

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