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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Work Work Work

I've been working almost non-stop for the past few weeks. It happens in my biz. Sometimes I can go forever without being truly busy, then for a month or so I'm run ragged. I can deal with it because I love to work, and the work I do gives me times to run many things over my mental transom. So, with the Government doing everything in its power to try to make us Soviet Russia, there has been much to fiddle around with in my mind.

Add to that I'm having to dust off my scientific knowledge and math skills to work on a book with my husband. We are the only two people in the universe who can appreciate chemistry and physics jokes.

Did you hear about the scientist who cooled himself to absolute zero? He's 0K.

Yes, that one floors me every single time. I will laugh myself silly over that. Go figure. Yesterday, while eating popsicles, we noticed there were riddles on the sticks. You had to eat the popsicle to get the answer. My friend's was "What do you feed a disappearing cat?" I said Schroedinger's Cat Food. No one got it. I was laughing like a loon and they all thought I'd gotten heat stroke. I can't even remember what the correct answer was. I have a picture of a pumpkin with the sign for Pi carved into it. No one gets it.

I am destined to be misunderstood my entire life. At least the times I'm allowed out of my Nerdery.

So anyway, I work, I come home, read a little... scrub computers of stuff smart people don't allow on their machines then wonder why they are denied access to my network... and slept when I could. It's freakin' hot down here. I'm sweating gravy.

Have you ever noticed that most people will do the bare minimum of what is required to do anything? If you need a C to pass a boring class, why aim any higher? If you need to work a few minutes longer to make sure you got things right, let the boss clean it up, you've pushed your buttons, you deserve to take off. I often wonder what those people do, how they react when they are not just allowed to skate by. Do they ever wonder who takes up the slack they leave? Do they get by their entire lives by just doing "good enough to get by" and no more?

What do they do when faced with true ability and excellence? Well, hell, we all know the answer to that in how the Political Elite have reacted to the TEA Party. They start screaming to bring the standards down so they can continue free booting through their existence. You're special? We'll make everyone special so no one is.

I hate this type of thinking. How much do you have to hate yourself to destroy everyone else in some attempt at suicide? You hate yourself? You want to stop existing? Fine, get to it, by all means necessary, but leave the rest of out of your nihilistic dreams.

Just because I choose to work to have better for myself and my family doesn't give you ANY right to take the products of my abilities to give to someone who is too stupid and/or lazy to live. There are ONLY TWO REASONS why you cannot do for yourself, you are either too stupid or too lazy. If you are too stupid, you get one try at the education route, then you will be given a broom to push, but you are still not getting welfare. If you're too lazy, then I guess you starve, unless you are willing to rely on the kindness of strangers. Not really a reliable retirement plan, which is how the whole Welfare state was brought about in the last century.

Sure, you can say I'm a hardass, but tell me this, what do I ask others to do for me that I am unwilling to do for myself? I earn my keep. I protect myself and secure my own happiness. I have never, ever expected anyone to do for me what I was unwilling to do for myself. "Don't breed what you can't feed" should be the motto of my Planet.

I will tell you this much, I appreciate what I have more because I had to earn every penny to buy it. I own everything but my house outright. It is a neverending source of anxiety to have a mortgage, but it's what you do. I'm paying it off as early as I can because I HATE owing anyone anything. Besides, it's mine and no one can what is mine away from me. Oh, you can try, but I will work harder to keep what's mine than others will to keep their filthy lucre.

Think about that for a moment.

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Anonymous said...

disappearing cat...evaporated milk. :-)

BTW, I fully agree with your comments on welfare. I have said as much and still no one listens.