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Sunday, August 07, 2011


I learned, as a legal secretary, that language is everything. As I watched this Bill Whittle Afterburner episode, I remembered two words. Knowingly and willingly.

Here is how it apparently works. It is illegal to purchase or take possession of stolen property. However, the framers of the law realized that you could possibly be given something or buy something never knowing that it's stolen from someone else, so the law reads, "knowingly purchase or take possession of stolen property". This is where it gets sticky for most people and Pawn Shop owners. The law can most likely prove that you tried to get something that was stolen for a cheaper price than you could buy it otherwise legally. Most chumps know when they are buying something that fell off a truck, and they brag about it to their friends.

You probably think that I am talking about televisions or stereo equipment. In the above paragraph, I am. However, let me lean your mind a little bit and ask why you don't speak out about the theft of the money you earn to be doled out, like stolen goods, to people who think they are entitled to the fruits of your labors? Haven't thought about it that way yet? Well... try.

Everyday, I am presuming, my readers go in to work and they, for the most part, work hard and are rewarded at each pay period with a paycheck. They have earned every single cent of that pay check, however, for most of us, we don't get to keep everything that we have earned. If you're like me, FICA takes the biggest bite. This is the bit that goes to the Government to run programs like NEA and Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and at the end of that expense budget is The Pentagon. Yes, we give more money for welfare than we spend on body armor and equipment for our soldiers. Go look it up if you doubt me.

Now, standing out there in their Warehouses of Despair, aka Public Housing, are the people for whom your paycheck is THEIR paycheck. You work so they can sit around watching big screen TVs, eating food you bought, driving cars so tricked out it's ridiculous, wearing shoes you can't afford for your own kids. Yet, they are the Poor People we are supposed to want to help. Poor? Please, I'll quit my job if it means someone else works all day and I can sit on my fat ass squirting out kids every year. Hell, why can't we all sign up for that program?

Oh right... someone with pride and a sense of self-worth has to earn the money I steal so I can sit home and do nothing.

Now, the word unwilling is another good word. For it means that one is forced to do something against their will, better judgment and all reason and logic. I find that I am unwilling to be forcefully altruistic with the money I earn any more. I look at it like this, if you are using my money to sit around on your ass, that gives me the RIGHT, to tell you A) how to spend it, B) where to spend it, and C) what you may or may not spend it on. I am unwilling to give you carte blanche with MY MONEY. I don't enjoy carte blanche, then neither shall you. I must make choices weekly on where and how to spend my money, so shall The Poor.

Did you know we have the richest poor people of any nation on this rock? So since this is true, it's time to shut the progressives up and start shutting down the money train the malingerers and shiftless sods have been riding on too long. Let the private charities take care of them. The Libs don't want because it will take away the power they hold over those poor Poor People and they will no longer get votes and hold on to their power.

Yeah, I'm all broken up about that, too.

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