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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Parental Love

I have to say, I am inordinately proud of my children. I think that each one of them fights to overcome their genetics to achieve and succeed. However, I do not have pictures of them in my wallet or purse. I do not have them plastered all over my office, I don't talk about them incessantly. When I do speak of them, it's usually in a parental venting tone of voice. I don't think that I need to bleat on and on about my kids as if they proves what a superior parent I am. They succeed and fail on their own merits, not mine. And in some cases, despite them.

My youngest is about to begin the rounds of visiting colleges so I am in a reflective frame of mind about how she got to be the brilliant, beautiful young woman she is. It cannot have been easy to be a child of mine. I am not demonstrative, emotional or easy to be around. I am strict, unbending and the first to tell you that you've screwed up. I also refuse to believe my children are perfect only because I'm am so far removed from Mary that it's not even funny. She's the only mother to birth a perfect child.

It also causes me to reflect upon the Conservatives in our country. In my book, The Liberal Lie, I have an entire chapter dedicated to explaining why the TEA Party has taken America by surprise. We are the sleeping giant. We work, we live, we keep our lives and those of our loved ones and those who depend upon us going. We don't speak up until our back is against the wall, then we come up fighting. Since we rarely fight back, the whole TEA Party movement caught complacent Libs by surprise.

It causes me to think that Conservatives are much like parents dealing with the bratty, childish Libs, who are always trying to get away with something they know is wrong. The fact that all of a sudden we were not standing up, taking up for them was a shock to the little punks. When Conservatives stopped whining, "But, he's such a good boy!" their little butts got sore. When we started spanking them in the elections, they could not believe it. When they get grounded in 2012, I fully expect riots the like London is now experiencing. And it will be nothing more than the tantrum of a 4 year old denied a candy bar in the line at the grocery store.

And we will not fail to spank their immature, infantile butts right then and there. And if they are waiting for CPS to come in and save them from themselves, I hope they packed a lunch.

Conservatives have to stop the Libs now not later. We cannot keep ignoring the tantrums, delinquency and laughing it off as childish high spirits. We need to smack them on the back of the head, grab them by the ear and drag them off behind the wood shed to deliver some righteous discipline that they've never experienced.

Then make them clean out the mess they've made in the house and senate. That'll learn 'em!

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