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Monday, July 11, 2011


I believe I have mentioned in previous blogs here, about my admiration for an early 20th century photojournalist who enraged his Socialist American editors by refusing to sugar coat the conditions in Bolshevik Russia. I believe he said "I cannot say I have not seen what I have seen," He published his photos and showed that the workers paradise wasn't quite... shovel ready.

I've always called a spade a spade. I refuse to call something other than what it is. I may know many words for a single object, but my mind will quickly grasp for the one word that I identify with that object most closely. So Chris Matthews will always just be retarded to me. Keith Olberman will remain a creepy molester type to me. Yes, he deserves three entire words to encompass his Ick Factor.

The Liberals will always try to sugar coat things so that we become inured to that which would normally rebel against. They couch horrific ideas in language that is aimed to make us feel guilty or bad if we don't like it and don't want it. Doubt me? Get online or go to the library and read the newspapers during the 30s when FDR was shoving Social Security and TVA down our throats. Read headlines and banners during the Johnson Administration and then look back over what his Great Society hath wrought. You can pour perfume on a pig, but it's still a damned pig.

Every time they want us to accept something they know is absolutely unpalatable to the American public, they start changing the names of things to make it sound better. Just like a mom with a spoonful of nasty cough medicine, we are told it will make everything better if we just hold our noses and swallow it. We are made to believe that it's for our own good when our rational mind is rebelling against the irrationality of what we know to be true.

If you want to see the faces of people swallowing loads of BS and trying to call it chocolate cake, watch any interview with Timothy Geitner in the past two weeks. Look at any Liberal member of Congress whenever spending cuts are mentioned. They pull faces, grimace or stare resolutely ahead during press junkets. Simply put, Liberals know that unless they are handing stuff out for free to people, no one would cast a vote their way. If they have nothing to give away, they will get no votes. In a recent interview on the current budget crisis, Turbo-Tax Tim looked as if he were being anally raped by a rhino.

See what I just did there? I could have just said Geitner, or Tim Geitner, already having mentioned him by his public name earlier in the paragraph. However, I did not. I used a phrase guaranteed to remind us all that the man in charge of this country's money cheated on his taxes and tried to blame it on his computer program, thereby undercutting any authority he might have left. I didn't have to do it because the idiot has no credibility left at all. But, I did do it because I could and it's always fun to kick a Liberal while they are down. If only to see how many of their cronies stand around screaming how much they deserve to be kicked. It's a shark feeding frenzy with better fashion sense.

If it was up to me, Washington DC would be like the Vogon home planet. Every time some idiot politician came up with an idea on how to uselessly spend tax dollars or grow Big Government there would be someone there to slap them in the face with a spatula until their default position would be shrink government, grow prosperity. For any politico who thought to make a new bureaucracy a Navy SEAL would teleport into whatever space they occupied and blow them away with a .50 cal. We would then charge their constituents with clean up and funeral fees. How long do you think the people of California and Massachusetts would stand for that before they elected someone, anyone, with an ounce of common sense.

But wouldn't it be worth it just to hear Barney Frank squeal like a pig just before that spatula hit his face?

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