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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just A Thought

I just saw the trailer for a movie called "Another Earth" and I can say with utter certainty that I will most likely never see the movie.

First off, the premise is that Voila! another planet earth just appears one day in our same solar system, giving psychological and philosophical quandries left and right. Yeah, another earth with another you... this is what Einstein's alternate reality theory is all about. Another earth, another you who perhaps made different choices. Wow, what a way to run away from you. They typical Liberal response to anything they ruin.

Let me tell you why I will never see the movie. It has nothing to do with philosophy or psychology. It has everything to do with science.

Another earth just appearing, in the same solar system as we, would upset celestial mechanics up on such a scale that we would cease to be able to exist. What happened to the rest of their solar system? Is it out there as well? Two Jupiters? Two Suns? We simply could not exist. And that is why, just upon seeing the picture of the girl looking up into the sky with the moon and another earth shut me down immediately. I could not suspend disbelief, especially not after seeing the premise for the movie, about which I will say nothing other than it's the typical liberal cop out from their self-destructive philosophy.

And that's just my thought.

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