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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Demonization of the Military

During the Viet Nam "Conflict", returning soldiers were spat upon, called baby killers and made to seem like they were all modern day Hitlers. Libs loves nothing more than telling conscripts that they were murdering demons who should be killed themselves. All those hippies with their flowers and talk of Love Not War.

Then something changed, in the 80s and early 90s. People came to respect what those conscripts did, realizing it was not their choice. But, the government, whom they love with all their bleeding hearts, had made them do these things. These men were lauded and finally given the respect they deserved. Can you hear Nancy Legosi chewing nails where you're at yet?

So, for the past twenty years our troops are people to be admired and respected. They volunteer to do what most Libs can't even consider. They fight for the idea that is our country and our freedoms to be just as stupid as we want to be.

Oh my, how to get around that tricky demonization of soldiers thing? Enter Ben Shapiro's new book.

In the past two months I have watched TV series who have had story arcs that made returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan into serial killers. NCIS and Rizzoli and Isles both put forth these stories. It took me a moment while watching the latter with my husband this morning. The story line struck a familiar cord within me and suddenly I saw it. When Angie Harmon mutters, "you turn them into killers then are surprised when they are", and I was done.

Bingo. Game over, man. Game over.

Suddenly we are given to believe that every man woman and abortion who voluntarily signs up to serve in the military is a burgeoning serial killer. How trite are the Libs that they have to rerun the 60s every time the opportunity presents itself. Are the freakin baby boomers really so desperate to be relevant again? As if they ever were. If we are to accept that premise as the truth, every Progressive Liberal is a bed wetting momser who cries whenever anyone bigger than they are enters the room.

I am willing to recheck my premise after they recheck theirs.

Fair fight is all I'm asking.

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