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Sunday, June 05, 2011

You Don't Watch TV?

My husband and I are not apt to sit in front of a television and watch much TV. We used to. I pretty much planned my 20s and 30 around the TV Guide. But sometime in my mid-thirties I stopped watching TV as my main staple of entertainment. My husband I were gamers, so that chewed up a huge chunk of our time, but we stopped watching TV for another reason. We simply could not stand the messages we heard on our favorite shows. So, being who we are, we simply stopped watching.

We watch a few shows, record them on our DVR and very few new shows make the cut to be recorded. I will admit, I love The Dog Whisperer, but only because I'm waiting for him to have a dog a neurotic as mine so that I can learn how to stop her behavior. Once I know that, Cesar is out. By that time they will have a Cat Whisperer and I'll learn how to deal with our two weird cats. However, I digress...

Neither my husband nor I game anymore... well I don't at all, he's playing stand along PC games that occupy him for hours at a time. He clearly needs a screen to watch. I read a lot. Especially on my Kindle, because I have immediate access to the books I want to read, the moment I want to read them. Which has lead to some interesting revelations and understanding of why I stopped watching TV sometime in the late 90s. I've read two of these books in the past two weeks, Breitbart's I read a few months ago, just before Righteous Indignation came out.

David Mamet and Ben Shapiro came out with new books this week and both deal with the Liberal bias of the entertainment industry, with some admitting to out and out blacklisting. You know, that thing that they scream "MCARTHY!" about when A) McArthy never had anything to do with Hollywood Blacklisting, that was HUAC; and B) blacklisting is almost as bad as profiling, except for the fact that we deal with profiling in every area of our lives every single day of our lives. It's a survival skill, build a bridge and get over it.

Ben Shapiro's "Primetime Propaganda" is a classic "GOTCHA" book wherein he uses their own words to skewer the Liberal Elite and show them for the hypocrites they are. Let's be honest, they are out and out liars. This kid got over on some major Hollywood players by simply showing up in a Harvard golf cap and a Jewish surname. Right now the entire Left Coast Liberal conclave is trying to do damage control and it might have worked if they had not allowed him to record their words and been so smug thinking that just because you're a Harvard grad and Jewish that you're a screaming nut-job liberal. If any of these self-congratulatory retarded monkeys had bothered to Google Ben Shapiro, they would have found he's a right leaning writer featured prominently at Breitbart's Big sites.

The book will sicken you in parts when these folks reveal their unapologetic hypocrisy of bias against conservatives. It shows plainly why good actors like Adam Baldwin and Gary Graham never got the roles some felt they deserved. I will admit, I've had a crush on Baldwin since he was in "My Bodyguard" back in 1980. I didn't care what his politics were when he entertained me for hours as Jayne Cobb in Firefly and Serenity. I just love watching him onscreen. His style of acting is understated, but you never get the feel that he's just playing himself onscreen. Watch Independence Day if you don't believe me.

Gary Graham never got the breakout roles I thought he deserved. I watched Alien Nation on TV just to see him. His snarky delivery is classic.

These are just two examples I can think of off the top of my head. Two actors whose ouvre I enjoy greatly. Yes, I just used the word "ouvre" like I am James Lipton and this is Actors Studio. Stay tuned. Both Baldwin and Graham are contributors at Andrew Breitbart's BigHollywood site. I look forward to their columns (I still call them that) and get quite an education on how Hollyweird really works from their revelations.

I will admit, I love the work of David Mamet. His wordsmithing is like watching a talented jeweler create the most magnificent necklace. It's a thing of beauty, opulence and strength. Reading his new book, "The Secret Knowledge: On The Dismantling of the American Culture" his verbiage and use of language is exquisitely wonderful. For someone who loves language as well as I, this book was like enjoying a rare chocolate confection that makes your entire mouth writhe in ecstasy. Or, it's almost exactly like drinking a very old, very smooth Scotch. An orgasm for your senses.

Both of these books show, very clearly, how the Liberal Elite have set about dismantling the very keystone of our American Culture, our sense of home and family in a precise, studied manner for the past 100 years. For once you destroy that strength, you can convince anyone of anything. You get enough people convinced they are victims, you have a political class (Hello, black and hispanics and women) and pretty soon, you've got yourself a Bolshevik Revolution.

So, my readers, I encourage you to read these books and tear your blinders away. Stop supporting your destruction by people who are not fit to lick your boots. And always, remember this bit from the movie "My Favorite Year" Peter O'Toole's character Alan Swann goes streaking past a balcony where two men stand discussing business at a cocktail party:

Man 1: (looking over the balcony) I think Alan Swann is beneath us!
Man 2: (looking towards the apartment) Of course he's beneath us, he's an actor.

I've never forgotten that bit of wisdom.

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