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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Contributing Factors and The Usual Suspects

A recent reports shows that crime is declining. Libs can figure it out. More people are buying guns and the economy is in the toilet thanks to their agenda, and yet, crime goes down. It's totally shows the lie of their philosophy that bad times make bad people. Let the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth begin. Legal gun ownership doesn't make more crime and people appear to be behaving themselves even though most don't have jobs. What will the neighbors say?

Why are people buying more guns despite crime being on a downswing? Could it be they are taking Thomas Jefferson at his word, realizing that the Tree of Liberty must some times be watered with the blood of patriots? Could it be we're preparing to defend ourselves against the New Criminal Class? Who is this new Criminal Class?

The new Criminal Class is Politics. Let me give you an example, if I were to have two people apply to me for a job, and one of them was a felon, just out of prison for murder, and a former politician, I would choose the felon. Why? Because I KNOW for a FACT that the politician is dishonest. Murder is sometimes justified, but it doesn't make you a liar, so murderers stand head and shoulders above politicians any day of the week. Plus, politicians are sneaky bastards who are always trying to figure out how to try to steal your wallet so they can stay in power by giving it to their ballot cattle so they come out and vote in November.

In Texas we have what is called the Castle Law. It states that if someone comes on to our property and we feel our lives, or the lives of our family are in danger by that someone, we reserve the right to shoot them and call the police. In Texas we also own guns and have them in the home in most cases. Criminals know this, because they are not stupid. Criminals also know that gun control laws will never keep them from getting guns. Since Gun Control in Texas means hitting what you aim at, house breaking is a rare crime, especially in the cities. It happens, but the incidences are less than in cities commensurate in size in states where they try to forget the country has a Second Amendment.

When you know that your chances are pretty good of having your head blown off if you try to break in and steal my skill saw to pawn down at Las Vegas Pawn, that skill saw ain't so attractive.

When you have a state that allows concealed carry of firearms, you know that your chances of being shot trying to mug someone for the $5 you need for that meth dose, you will most likely not mug old ladies for their pin money. Street crime is not a huge deal in Texas. For one thing, it's too damned hot to wait outside for a good mark to come along.

However, we are faced with people in Washington DC trying to hold us up over health care and their liberal agenda and we do nothing about it. Because, most Conservatives and Libertarians aren't whiners. We endure and we have. But we do snap when we've had enough. The time is coming very soon when a lot of us will have had enough and there will no longer be anywhere for these slimy bastards to hide. There must be examples. A shot gun pump right next to the head is usually enough to make anyone piss their pants when they are in a corner. Let them experience that and then play it over and over every time they attempt to push their useless, stupid, god-foresaken agenda on us again.

I'm not saying shoot them. I'm just saying that I wouldn't be all butt sore if it happened. Because, nothing screams "I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it anymore!" louder than a dead body being hurled your way as you sit in your self-important chair.

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