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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Liberals Have the Same Rights I Do, and Why They Don't Want You to Have The Same

Today, in a fit of frustration over hearing the new lunches in California schools (chicken nuggets and corn dogs out, sushi and butternut squash in,)I ground my teeth, and fired off a post on MyFaceTube that someone I consider a kind and gentle soul took badly. So, this one is for you Lalania.

I want there to be Progressive Liberals on the planet. If only to remind us why a Free Market Economy and Small Government are the right thing to do. However, on Nanny State days, I could gladly punt them all off planet in a rickety space craft with no life support, headed on a trajectory to the Sun. It sounds harsh. It is harsh. And it stems from the fact that I am adult and I don't need some do-gooder telling me I need to do this or that, give up this or that for my own good. As an adult, I feel I'm a pretty good judge of what is in my own rational self-interest, thank you very much, Nancy Legosi. Just to be clear, there is never a day that I don't want her and Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Yenta Barbie all to just disappear from the face of the Earth. They can take Barbara Walter, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar with them.

If you look at the lives of the Terminally Effed Up, you will see that they are the LAST people who should be telling anyone how to live their lives, what to say or think or how to act. I only have to think of my mother and I get livid at the temerity of the scared and too-afraid-to-live-so-I-have-to-ruin-everybody's-good-time goons. Just because you're afraid doesn't mean everyone is. Stop ruining it for everyone.

I have Liberal friends, believe it or not. Vegetarians, gays, lesbians, tree-huggers even. Why? Because vegetables are good for you, you love who you love and conservation of nature is good stewardship. I tease them about holding a BBQ on their birthday or getting them rainbows for the holidays. I bought a rabid liberal protester friend a t-shirt that read "Nuke the unborn, gay whales". He laughed his ass off then went off to march for the Gay Nazis or some such. The point is, we get along, because none of us is hell bent on changing anyone else. I try to get them to see reason, they try to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I did once but it turned out to be a bad burrito at Taco Bell.

I will never decide on a worldview that relies heavily on emotion and they will never accept hard, cold facts as a basis of belief. You either get fed up and move on to clones or you accept they think differently and enjoy the moments you do have. There are very few people I have totally given up hope on and just walked away. Because I have to believe that every human being is capable of rational thought. I also happen to believe that there are some people who deny reality so heavily for whatever reason that they have become mentally ill. I call it Liberalism, many in the psychological field disagree. Just because most of them are stricken with the disease tells you all you need to know about that. (Read David Mamet's latest book as to why they are and that is.)

So you can kid me about eating red meat. You can kid me about what I think of the current round up at Greenpeace and why I think many people are gay to piss off their parents and society in some self-hatred so deep it's pathological and self-destructive to all who love them. I believe that you love who you love, but I also believe is Drama Mamas and people who think there is no such thing as bad attention. Hello Perez Hilton, I'm looking at you.

So do I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman only? Oh hell no. But I also believe that we should not penalize the breeders. If you want to marry your llama, so be it. Just don't ask me to watch home movies of the honeymoon. What you do with your flaming goat is your business. Just don't beat me over the head with it... and I won't feel obliged to push my heterosexuality down your throat in retaliation. It's not about going to hell or Adam and Steve, it's about respecting anothers beliefs. If I can respect someone who deeply believes that building a house out of trees they have cut down and processed themselves and replaces said trees with new growth, then you can stop flaming in my face.

Don't shut me up because I'm a gay man trapped in this woman's body. Don't try to silence me because I love corporations and big business and think it should be unfettered and let the profits fall where they were earned. And I won't make fun of you for eating radicchio and pretending to like it.

Being different is great. Different is different. But it's not dangerous or seditious unless you get all stupid and governmental about it. You just thought the libs were all live and let live. Most that I know are. But the political ones? They are mine to toy with.


Mark Richter said...

I recently received a work email, about Lesbian, Gay "Diversity", Appreciation Day.

It makes note of all the contributions of this that or the other person(s) that have chosen to be Lesbian, Gay or other.....

Gay Rights?

They're no different than me or you, they just have a different sexual preference. So why should they get any more/less rights than the rest of us?

Liberals. That's why.

Liberals shove their ideals and opinions down our throats, pretending that it is all FACT.

And they make up stuff when you hit them with Reality.

Friends of mine that are gay or lesbian, when I told them about the 'work related email', were offended. They don't want any special recognition, just because they are Gay or Lesbian. They just want to be accepted for their merits.

Liberals BELIEVE their way is the right way and that everyone should thank them for telling us about it and that if we don't 'choose' to see it their way, they will get Mama Government to shove it down our throats.

We offend the liberals, because we choose to use Fact, Logic and Reality as our reasoning for telling them they can take their BELIEFS and shove it up their asses....

Severine said...

Things like your company email are why Identity Politics only works for retards