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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feelings. Nothing More Than Feelings

The past few weeks have shown me a side of Conservatism that I rarely consider because I find it so outrageous that I won't even consider it a valid observation. People who believe in judicious stewardship and conservation of resources, who believe the market can solve problems better than entitlement programs are seen as emotionless, uncaring automatons doing nothing more than mouthing the party line while pushing baby unicorns off cliffs.

I think that typical Liberal view of Conservatives is why the TEA Party took them all by surprise. All of a sudden, Conservatives were animated, and even making themselves heard. Who knew they still existed? The 2008 Presidential Election certainly was no indicator.

But, the moment we show we're not what the Liberals have painted us over the past century, we're labeled loons, bitter clingers, ready to blow up buildings and shoot congressional representatives. Oh wait, Liberals Loons did that. Then we're painted by the stupidity brush, because we're just too thick to see Government and Obama as our ultimate saviors so we're just too stupid to decide anything. Sorry, I hardly think that two of the dumbest, overreaching constructions of any age are enough to save me from destruction. Thanks, but I am pretty sure I can do that myself.

Let me address one thing, the caricature of being unfeeling. I would counter that Conservatives feel things more deeply than Liberals. I would present to you the way that Libs pinball from one cause to another with no more deeply felt conviction than whether or not cute chicks will gather there as well to hold their undying support until the next rally or march.

Conservatives donate more money to more charities than do Liberals. And we tend to do so over a longer period of time because A) we only give to those organizations we truly believe in and feel deserve our money to do their works; and B) since most of us actually earn a living, we're very picky about who we hand it out to. We aren't out there handing out money willy-nilly to any glad hander who gives us a sob story. We don't trust people who expect us to and try to make us feel guilty because we don't.

Just because we aren't out there crying, screaming, ranting, raving and emoting for the whole world to see does not mean we do not feel things. We feel things. Deeply. Thoroughly. Because we think about them, turn them about, consider them from all angles so that we fully understand the things we are then going to expend energy on caring about. Without even realizing it, Conservatives, Libertarians, Objectivists are all observing a major Law of Physics. Conservation of Energy.

How Libs can constantly get worked up, day after day, week after week (if, indeed, they even pay attention that long) astounds me. I'll attend a TEA Party rally as long as I have the time, it's not too hot, and I can take a camp chair with me. It's not that I'm lazy, but I'm busy earning a living, living my life to spare more energy for anything less than the second coming of Ayn Rand. I'm serious. I have a house to clean, one more kid to raise, pets to tend and a husband that deserves much more of my attention than he gets. I have family, friends and many more who demand what little bits of my attention and energy are left after watching Red Eye in the morning. I am not going to squirt water from my eyes because someone somewhere is dying of starvation while a cow munches grass next to their house because some liberal demands I feel something.

Let me put it this way, I will save my sympathy for the people being kicked out of their homes because some greed crony capitalist gave them a loan for a home they could never afford so he could rake in tax-payer dollars. I will cry you a flippin river over the administrative personnel that have been sacked so that no union members would have to work the 40 hours a week they get paid for while screaming about their damned working conditions. I will fall prostrate on the floor, weeping, gnashing my teeth for the single mothers and fathers out there trying to get by without having to accept any sort of welfare because they want to show their children that you can make it if you just work hard, and that you will have much more to show for it than sitting around watching TV all day while demanding more money from people who work for a living.

I will have a damned mitzvah if one Progressive Liberal will look at their lives and realize what a waste of skin and oxygen they have been and take themselves out of the gene pool.

I can feel more than anger, but in the past decade it's been pretty hard to do as I look upon our once great society and see the whiners we've allowed to think are our betters. I could solemnly slap each one of them and have a little left over to kick Obama's shins.

Andrew Breitbart didn't corner the market on Righteous Indignation.

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