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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Modern Feminism Gets It Wrong

I think I can safely say that my post on Palin Derangement Syndrome hit a certain nerve amongst my reader faithful. To both of you, thanks!

This is something I've always noted among the political demarcation line. I've polled several people over the past week, because I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything, but to a man, everyone I asked could not think of one single attractive liberal female.

Not one single person.



Zero, Zilch, nothing.

Just look at the cable news shows. Come on!

It speaks to something that most women don't like to admit, even to themselves. We are catty, petty little bitches. Most of us.

We hate women we perceive as better looking, smarter, more successful than we are. We savage each other viciously when we perceive weakness. We are barracudas. We will go after another woman with more gusto just for having a better figure than we will someone who threatens our children. Think about that one for a moment and realize the truth of it. And, it has nothing to do with political leanings at all, and everything to do with our history and culture.

For all but the last few decades we have lived in a culture and society that has valued males more than females. It's true. Men are stronger and more able to deal with the rigors of hunting than women. We gather and tend the hearth... we make the home. Natural Selection, that Darwinian Principle that Libs cling to like a Pennsylvanian to their guns, has shown that the males of our species would get the females by being stronger and faster, the better hunter. Females evolved by finding that beauty got them the stronger males. It also fostered jealousy, envy and some of the worst whisper campaigns I ever heard on the figure skating circuit. It made us vicious because of the competition.

Men, even gay men, can never, ever suspect the roiling pot of emotions that any gathering of females can be. Put in one attractive, smart, successful female and it boils over into a conflagration of hissing and spitting. Simply put, most women make me sick. I am not most women. I'm some weird genetic mutation that sees and understands the phenomenon and I am disgusted by it. We judge each other more harshly than we judge the men who benefit from the cat fights.

This isn't some women's studies manifesto. Modern feminists sicken me. I'd love to have a pet dragon to breathe fire on every single, last, ugly one of them. Shut their shrieking yaps. I'm sure you get that I don't have a lot of girl friends. The whole "let's do lunch" thing never got past my "What for?" screen.

Modern feminists scream and whine for equality they already enjoy. They don't want equal, they want men subjugated, corseted and tied to kids and the kitchen just as we were for millenia. Get the hell over yourselves you stupid, fat cows. What they really want is for men to find them attractive, too. Most liberal lesbians I know are that way because no male would have their fat, ugly asses. I know several attractive lesbians that have nothing to do with not being able to find a good looking man. They don't march, they don't scream or demand anyone accept them for 'who they are'. They live quietly and just happen to prefer women, sexually over men. Just like male homosexuals who aren't out there shrieking for us to accept them. Whiners exist across the spectrum.

Equality is at the starting line, not the finish line. If you don't make it to the finish line first, or at all, that's on you, but you all started out at the same place, the beginning. Women do not need any special favors to complete the race. We need only our own considerable inner resources.

So stop sniveling and whining about how you can't hang. Because I will bitch slap you and tear apart your weak, useless psyche for just existing and breathing my air.

Butch up.


Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to admit it, Sev, I can't agree with you on this one. Sure, I would love to sip on a beer and look across the table at Michelle Malkin and believe all was right with the world. I even found Kirsten Dunst attractive (until she came out as a Weiner ex-girlfriend). That is I found her attractive until she spoke (nice eyes, though).

Early on in America I believe you had to be property owner to vote. The older I get the more sense this makes. Why let those at the public teat determine elections?

Also, as much as I hate to admit it, I have thought of women's suffrage and the election of undesireable candidates. BJ Clinton would not have been elected if it were just males voting. His "I feel your pain" shtick doesn't go over well with guys, and women lap it up.

You are different, because much of the time you think with what is between you ears.

It also seems to me, though I have taken no even informal poles, that a lot of decent women like Palin. So I am not as sure as you or Rush that Palin won't be elected. I am a terrible judge of such things, since it was obvious to me that both Clinton and Obongo were jokes. No one in their right mind would vote for either.

Something else I wonder about a lot, is where we stand in history. As a bible believer, I think certain things must happen in their time. There will be righteous people in that time that will see bad things happen and will pray against them, but they still must happen because they are pre-ordained. When I see gay marriage, and a gay military, and gay chaplains/priests/ministers it makes me think the end may be near and America will get what it deserves.

I'm hoping the rapture is sound doctrine, because I don't want any part of this!

Anonymous said...

hehehe...they said..."poles" appidit

Anonymous said...

The American women are ending up making a laughing stock of themselves...way to go dumb bitchez!

Mark Richter said...

American women tend to be a little more critical of each other, because when it comes right down to it, many men don't take a strong woman seriously.

Any woman, who tries to 'break the mold' of what society deems they should be in, gets ostracized and put down.


I can't answer that. I married a strong woman. Her confidence and judgement is something I can count on.

She sometimes is brutally honest and can be offensive in her delivery, but the message has always rang true.

I dated women who could not or would not make a conscious decision unless I approved it. They were submissive and indecisive.

I couldn't stand them. A lot of men want their women submissive so they can feel dominant over them.

I pity those immature, insecure fools. It just proves that they are not secure in their masculinity or feel that they need to be dominant to prove they are a man.

Men are not 'better' than women, and women are not 'better' than men. Each gender, compliments the other.

Women can be and do things that men can do, Men can do the same things women can do. (job wise, i'm not talking biologically).

But when a woman steps into "a man's world", OMFG!!

She now has to work twice as hard just to prove she can do something, and EVEN when she does, she is still not taken seriously and the immature, insecure F'tards, put her down or make shit up to validate their disbelief.

Modern Feminism doesn't work, because they are antiquated in their mentality towards males.

They hold to those ideals, because most mens immaturity and insecurity bolster the feminist resolve.