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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today, I watched the morning news. Talking bubble-heads blathered about fluorescent vs incandescent light bulbs and the government telling us which we WILL buy. Happily, the State of Texas is telling them to take their mandates and shove them into their Felch Pipe and smoke it.

I have just read this article over at the Bigs about a Missouri couple who have had some trouble with the USDA over selling bunnies. Yeah, it's really whack, but apparently business as usual for the USDA. It brings to mind the travesty of Dr Burzynski in Houston who came up with an amazing cure for most cancers, yet the FDA spent decades trying to hammer him into the ground. Why? Because he's not Big Pharma and according to the former head of the FDA has no business creating life saving treatments on his own.

I will only say this, because I sat and watched a lot of the crap that went on with Burzynski, there is a special pit in hell for the bureaucrats who have tried to destroy the product his genius where they are eternally anally raped with barbed wire. The lives lost due to their chicanery should be considered murdered with heinous disregard for human life and dignity. How dare people want their cancer cured without having their body destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation? SPECIAL PIT IN HELL!!!

This gets at me in a special way. First off, I don't believe in regulation. At all. Not even the FDA. Milton Friedman and I don't agree on many things about the Free Market. If you create a drug that doesn't work or kills people, the market will make damned sure you don't do it for long. First person who dies because of your snake oil lands you on the stretcher with a needle in your arm. No trial, no jury, just death. But this time with drugs that works.

We don't need the USDA, the FDA or any other, and I mean ANY OTHER federal bureaucracy. WTF is the EPA all about? Flippin' Nixon. Don't even get me started on the Department of Education.

In a free and open market, if you are not exactly what you claim to be, you're history. People will vote on you with their pocketbooks. You don't get far with no income. Get rid of welfare, all welfare for everyone, and you would be amazed at the number of people who can suddenly work. When your stomach is rumbling and you don't want to follow the rules at the local food pantry and soup kitchen, you will find a way to feed yourself, or you will die. If you are too lazy to feed yourself, well, it's just allowing you to cull yourself from the herd, now isn't it?

Sound cruel? Isn't it more cruel to make everyone else pay for their inability to provide for themselves? Charity is alive and well. Private charity works and always had. You want to assuage some guilt you feel for being successful? I don't get it , but give some money to some charity you believe in, that uses its money well. Private charities know the malingerers. Let them cull the herd that way. And trust me, the birth rate among the Welfare Set will drop drastically if they have to feed all those mouths themselves. Baby Mommas won't be so fashionable. Personally, I will admit to being on the cusp of slapping the next one I run into in Walmart demanding to know why she can't buy Oreos with her Food Stamp Card. I've been fed up. It's why I avoid Volde-Mart like the plague. I hate to watch how they spend other people's money. Yeah, bitch, it ain't yours. You didn't earn it. You did nothing more than become a receptacle and squirt out brats you refuse to raise responsibly. So, technically, you're a whore for making your money on your back. Whether he paid you or you steal our money, it's the same thing.

As for those who believe that Big Corporations are evil, that businessmen are inherently evil and greedy... Come over here. I'll discuss to your lazy, stupid, useless ass how you wouldn't be alive without them. Then, to reinforce the lesson, I will beat your head into the brick wall of reality until it sinks in.

I am sick and tired of being bent over with no lube or reach around. I want to see the useless idiots who pervade the bureaucratic arena try to get real jobs in the real world. Ass covering pricks!

I need a Tylenol.

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