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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spend Your Own Damned Money

I see Bono, of U2 fame is having his feet held to the fire by his constituency... the folks who download his music via file sharing so they don't actually spend their own money on his musical genius. Apparently they are pissed off because he has tax shelters that keep them from getting more of his money than he considers his "fair share".

See, they don't want to have to spend the money they steal from U2 for not wanting to work or support themselves on his music or concerts, but they feel completely justified in crashing a U2 concert to scream and whine they he's not letting them steal more from him to pay for their profligacy. (another word you can look up)

Isn't this comedy gold?

The man who demands you pay more for "social justice" programs is denounced by the people his money supports to do nothing but pull levers every election cycle to keep his ilk in power. Because they are not doing enough for the lazy, shiftless, useless masses.

As my readers well know, I do not support any type of welfare program. I believe in private charitable programs that will spend their money well and wisely because they realize it is a finite resource and they if they don't spend it well, the money goes away.

I also don't believe in paying people not to work or to get pregnant every year or sit around playing dominoes. I believe prisoners should work to support themselves, not expect tax payers to pay for their libraries or cable TV or air conditioning. I don't believe everyone who can wade across a river or cross over illegally deserves anything more than to be catapulted back to their country of origin. I don't believe in anchor babies or free medical care for everyone. I don't believe in federal regulation of much of anything, and that I am a better judge of what is best for me than some panel of idiots in DC scratching their asses waiting for their next paycheck for kicking a can down the street into eternity.

I believe in paying as I can afford things, deciding for myself which laundry cleaner I want to us, which electric company is best for me, and whether or not the Cubs really have a shot at the pennant in any given year. I didn't say everything I thought was logical... I'm a Cubs fan!

I believe that I know the best way to spend and save for my own retirement. I firmly believe that doctors should be in competition with one another in the same way veterinarians are. You would be amazed at how fast health costs plummet when controlled by market forces. Seriously, it would make you dizzy.

I believe that the Federal Government should be something I think about only in the event a foreign country attempts to harm my country. I believe in tort reform, serious penalties for ambulance chasing lawyers, and that no one should be in office for more than two terms for any office. I think all citizens should be involved in their local government. I believe that anyone who goes along to get along should be kicked in the jimmies. How fast do you think they will jump to get involved with you after that? Do you think they will just shrug it off and let you be? I believe that all avowed pacifists should be punched in the nose then arrested if they punch or fight back. Hey, you took the stand. Don't blame anyone else for making you lie in the bed you made.

Does this mean I want to run Gramma off a cliff when she gets sick? If she's saying that she has the right to demand my current and future income because she was a grasshopper while I was the ant, hell yes that is what I mean.

We have several generation who did not save one dime for their retirement because they had Social Security to fall back on. So they want to spend MY money on their retirement and not have a care if there is anything left for me to save because all of my money is being dumped into a program that will not exist for me when I retire. Don't just push the wheelchair off the cliff, a trebuchet would be too kind.

Is it hard? Yes. Why should YOU be able to spend my money on doing nothing just because you sit around and do nothing for yourself but spend other people's money?

When I take over this rock, those people will be the first in the spaceship to the Sun with no life support. After that the useless press and attorneys, then we start all over with some hard and fast rules:

1. You take care of yourself and yours and don't expect another soul to do it for you.

2. No one on this planet owes you anything, unless it's the guy who borrowed $50 from you in college and never paid you back.

3. You don't work, you don't eat. It's as simple as that.

4. Don't breed what you can't feed.

5. No one can save you from yourself. If you're not willing to, why should anyone else be interested?

Five simple rules for living on my planet. And keep your hand off my wallet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm not mad at his protesters. My take on Bono is different: he is the worst sort of hypocrite. He goes around the world, like to the US, to talk George Bush into spending YOUR tax dollars on HIS pet projects. Meanwhile he tax shelters all his own millions and pretends he is pious.

There is special place in hell for Bono.

He is entitled to his beliefs. He is entitled to spend all his wealth on what he sees fit. He is not entitled to steal the taxes of those in the western world to pay for his far-flung causes, whether they be HIV in Africa or those pesky disappearing rain forests. He doesn't believe in them enough to donate his wealth. He is a typical liberal.