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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday we girls decided to be the Ladies Who Lunch. There is a local restaurant called George's that is semi-famous and serves the best chicken fried steak in Texas. I should know, I think I've tried them all. One of our group stated that she was going elsewhere and we started teasing her about having a Nooner. Finally, I turned to her and asked if it was because I was black. She spewed the water she was drinking all over, choked, laughed then replied, "No, it's because you're Korean." She ended up going to lunch with us.

I tried to order kim chi but George's didn't serve it. We both got another laugh out of it.

You see, this woman just happens to be black. I consider her a friend. I have no idea what she considers me, because she plays her life very close to the vest. She's got a sly sense of humor. But I got her to spew again later when we were discussing a problem and I was grousing about it then I said "Well, I am a strong, sophisticated black woman. I can do this!" She spewed then informed me that I am the whitest woman in America. To which I replied, "Shut up, Round Eye."

We can joke like that. Because we know that any suggestion of racism between us is complete, unadulterated bullshit. I like her because I like her view of the world and her joy of living. I have no idea why she may want to associate with me in any way because I've never cared enough to ask. I just enjoy the time we spend together because we laugh and enjoy it.

So am I be patronizing and see her as lesser than I? Is she an "Uncle Tom" because she gets along with me? The answer is no. The fact that the color of our skin does not even factor into why we are friends is anathema to Liberals. We should like one another because of the differences between us, according to their dogma. Sorry, we just happen to like one another to joke around and go eat lunch once in awhile. Neither one of is gives a rat's ass about race, creed or national origin. It's that way between myself and my Latina friends as well. I like them for being them, not because they come from a country that inspired some of the best mixed drinks in the history of mixology. The fact that we hold some things as holy, sacred and just plain obvious, helps to strengthen the core that is our friendship.

That is what true "getting along" means. We get along because we choose to get along because we hold come core beliefs in common. The fact that all of my friends tend to use common sense and reason to make their decisions rather than histrionics and drama, well, that's just icing on the cake. However, I will mention the fact that choosing purses or shoes while in the throes of some emotional shoot out has happened to every single one of us, and those purchases stand as reminders of what happens when you choose with your heart instead of using your head. Yes, turquoise strappy sandals, I'm looking at you.

Libs continue to scream racist at TEA Partiers and Conservatives. None of them seem to notice the racism inherent in the racism of low expectations, patronization of the black community, welfare, etc., that they used to describe their "Great Society". If any of those minorities get uppity and leave the Plantation they were called "Uncle Toms" until someone who actually read the book pointed out Uncle Tom's virtue of refusing to beat a runaway slave. So now they are Sambos. The slave who would whip a runaway slave. Libs never see that they have become what they behold. Also, it shows their shocking willful ignorance of even the tiniest arguments they try to lodge against Conservatives. You cannot successfully argue without logic and reason, yet they will continue to try.

I will never be friends with someone because it's fashionable. Just as I would never adopt a child from another culture as a status symbol. What happens to those people when the novelty wears off and it's no longer fashionable to carry an African child on your hip as you trot from one rally to another? Has anyone seen Madonna's child David lately? Anyone? You see pictures of Lourdes and Rocco all over, yet none of the African child she ripped from his family so that she could be relevant in a world that is forgetting her just as quickly as it thrust her to stardom. That's a rank form of racism and is all the more disgusting in its shallow emptiness.

All of us Koreans see it that way.

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