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Friday, May 13, 2011

Week In Review

I honestly did not think I would have the time or strength to post today, but something happened on the way to working way too hard... someone's Peter Principle arrived just in time for the weekend. As much as I regret that their inability to do their required tasks stopped a huge projects in its tracks, at least I'm free to drink new Scotch this weekend.

And drinking is good.

I was listening to Tony Katz's radio show, as I am wont to do on a lazy afternoon. You should listen in at All Patriots Media or on Wednesday at PJTV. He's got some really good things going on and his chat room is two hoots and a holler. I had more fun in there this afternoon than I've had since I quit the funk show at Aradi's back in the day. God, I miss Aradi.

Anyway, I actually called in to Tony's show about Illegal entry to your home vis-a-vis (pronounced veez-ah-vee)a law trying to be passed in Indiana, I think it is, that would not allow people to block illegal entry into their home by the police who have got the wrong address on a "No-Knock" warrant. In other words, according to this law, it really doesn't matter what the warrant says, they can illegally enter your home, search it and anything they find in this illegal search is fair game to prosecute you for any crime they perceive for you to have broken to keep you from suing their sorry asses for being incompetent.

Once again, the Advocate Courts have ruled against what our Constitution specifically enumerates as a power lacking in our governors power. I'm telling you folks, until we remove the folks in power who think they are entitled to it, we will change nothing about our country or our situation. Stop voting for the incumbent just because you know his name. Study up, know his values, and more importantly, know your own. Vote for the guy who best represents what YOU believe and who promises to take us in a the direction YOU see fit.

Anyway, I've decided to host an Atlas Shrugged discussion group here in Waco this summer. I'm putting out feelers and seeing who is interested. I am sure that the Ayn Rand Institute figured I would have loftier goals than just discussing the book with other people, something I have never been able to do. However, it's so exciting to meet others who know the same things I do. Our abilities and our willingness to use our minds make us heroes, not being elected to office because of the color of our skin. (Yes, that was a ripping good post of mine.)

It's not even the summer of 2011 and I've already got ED like you wouldn't believe. I don't like anyone who is running, and believe it or not, I still have people urging me to run. I honestly believe it stems from the morbid fascination that people who know me have in seeing what I'm going to say next. My getting up in front of a room full of baby mommas and telling them I don't believe in Public Education was something of a watershed moment for many people. They finally had to face the fact that no, I don't care who I am speaking with, I will tell the truth as I see it because to do anything else is faking reality and I'm not in that business. However, the tea was great at that little talk. I've never seen so many open mouths or bad teeth in one room.

We found out that my daughter has been accepted for a summer internship this summer in Baltimore. Warning to all my friends in Bmore, she can stir up the pot a bit. I have no idea where she gets it from. This is the kids who was more excited about the first Tea Party rallies than I was. And now she will be so close to DC it's scary.

Let's see, what else happened this week other than Proggies whining and crying more? Oh! Yeah! Mitt Romney evidently thinks that pointing out all the reasons no one voted for him last time is a good thing to do early on in a campaign, and he ever doubled-down on the whole Romneycare Massachusetts debacle. Sheesh, and I used to like this guy. Katz is right, Romney is out already.

So, who do I like? I still have that mad crush on Chris Christie. I will admit to listening to some of his speeches and interviews and turning the speed down so his voice sounds like Barry White or Lou Rawls. Pr0n for Conservatives, indeed.

Oh yeah, I spoke up about my disappointment in discovering that Steve Green, the Vodka Pundit waters down his drinks. Then it was pointed out that many of my embarrassing moments have come at the end of a G&T night. Oops, hypocrisy, thy name is Scotch Neat.

Anyway, it was a good week. Many things to contemplate. Which I shall do in more depth this weekend. Going to research some Unca Ted.

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