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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Means No

This posting will not be about rape or any other liberal feminist hot-button agenda. However, this is about being bent over a table and systematically violated by those we elect to represent our interests in DC. Lately, there doesn't even seem to be time for lube.

I watch the news, listen to it, read it. I get it from all the sources I can, because, to be completely honest, I don't trust anyone to feed me reality without their filters involved. I hear my fellow countrymen and women standing up and screaming that they are sick of their elected representatives not doing as they are bid by their constituents. I have to say, I was very glad, last November, to get rid of the placed Democrat who rarely came home to do anything, yet, ran TV and radio ads every election cycle telling us all how much he'd done for us while in DC. However, I'm not entirely sure his Republican replacement will be much better, but signs are hopeful. My main worry is that he will get bit by the "It's All About Me" bug that infests DC and suddenly his tenure in office will be all about how to stay in that seat, damn the people back home in his district.

Our state has two Republican senators. I write them when something happens that urges me to contact them. A couple of times a year I email them both and call their offices. Only one of them calls or writes me back. The one who doesn't is in a pout because we thought she was doing a fine job in DC, representing our values, and so we didn't nominate her to run for governor of our state last go round. So she's quitting in 2012. I never took her for a fit throwing toddler, but OK. And I'm already looking at the folks wanting her job.

The one who does write and call back, or at least has his staff do so? I keep my eye on him. I've encourage those in my state to write him, telling him exactly what we expect. Some things are realistic and can be done, except for the will of our elected representatives.

If our current crop of representatives acted in a real job-place the way they act in congress, they would be fired almost as soon as they started. We have no way to keep these guys in check once they are in office, because the same ballot cattle are hauled into the polling places and shown which lever to pull so they can stay in that seat. For the rest of us out here screaming "NO!" loudly, clearly, while trying to cling bitterly to our rights and property, they laugh, knowing their political machine will keep them there.

Chet Edwards thought so. He sat in DC, rarely coming back to his district, not even bothering during the Obamacare debate. I will be honest, he did not vote for it. Because he knew he'd be lynched if he ever entered the state. He got fired over the fact that he never saw a spending bill he didn't fall in love with. The new guy, Flores, seems to be listening, but he's new. He's a Texas businessman, but to me, he's a mercantilist, and therefore not worthy of my trust. He spent a lot of time running to Austin instead of running his businesses. It is my devout hope that he realizes we're not going to stand for this crap anymore.

NO MEANS NO! No more spending without balancing the budget. No more growing the government. No more welfare programs. No more handouts. No more interfering in our lives because you think you know best how we should live, speak and think.


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