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Monday, May 09, 2011

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Part Deux

I can honestly say that my adult life politics has always been in the forefront of my awareness of the world. For the past twenty years, my politics has mostly been local and concentrated solely on the school district where we live. Why? Because early on I saw that the Libs had taken heed of the adage that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The Frankfurt school and Saul Alinsky encouraged them to infiltrate the school and academia so they could have have a stranglehold on forming thought.

In essence, our academics are the Thought Police.

Recently, the University of Missouri-St. Louis had a tempest in a teapot blow in when it was found that one of their professors, teaching a class called, Introduction to Labor Studies was teaching the kids that paid for the class to do things which are illegal. The UMSL, today, released a statement which, in part read:

We have finally completed viewing the videos originating at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) from the UMSL course Introduction to Labor Studies. The excerpts that were made public showing the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) instructor Don Giljum and students as well as the UMKC instructor and students were definitely taken out of context, with their meaning highly distorted through splicing and editing from different times within a class period and across multiple class periods.

It is perhaps unfortunate, that shortly after that statement was put forth that a student from one of the classes posted a rather long blog on his experience in the class. I read every word, I was rapt. This was a first hand account by a student who had paid to take the class, attended the class, and was obviously involved in the class to some degree indicating he was doing more than auditing.

After that, I read an article about how the US Department of Education is trying to take over our local school with a National Curriculum.

Help me out here? But we have the local curriculum shoved down our throats after our kids are already in the class. How is know ahead of time that my kid's "Contemporary Feminist History" teacher will also be teaching them all about "reproductive rights", and how to scream 'SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION' for being told your blouse looks nicely pressed... for once? Yes, it would be nice to know ahead of time that the art history professor will be going off on wild tangents about Marxist philosophy and crying for Che Guevara ahead of time so I know where to spend those important college dollars.

However, it begs the questions, what about local schools. Elementary, and secondary schools? We are not told about curriculum ahead of time and we're lucky to get a syllabus to glance over before it's thrown out the window to revolutionary whim. Hell, I'm lucky if I ever meet my child's teachers once they are out of grade school. For all I know Noam Chomsky is teaching my daughter about the Industrial Revolution through the eyes of an abject hypocrite. Of course, teaching high school in Texas was be SUCH a step down for that dear little socialist. He wouldn't leave his elite Ivy League school to teach "The Masses". He doesn't even know what the masses are, other than the people he steps over and hopes nothing gets on his red wings as he marches off to his next paid speaking engagement while on the Pentagon dime.

Let that one percolate around in your head a bit, then you'll truly get pissed off.

For all the decades the cry babies have been crying about the inner city schools, and begging for money, then ultimately holding a gun on the wealthier districts, nothing has ever improved. Test and reading scores NEVER improve.

And this is why I would immediately abolish public education.

No more taxes for schools that are turning out more and more ingoramuses than ever before. The idiots with high school diplomas are a huff away from being organ donors they are so brain dead. They have no desire to think or reason, they are used to having everything done for them because they are owed, baby. And YOU owe it to them, right?

Get rid of it. Hire tutors with money saved. Spend quality time with Little Johnnie by actually teaching him something more than how to get your favorite beer from the fridge and handle the remote by age three. Send them to private schools, parochial schools. Anywhere you are given value for the money you spend. Because you're sure and hell not going to see that from any public, governmental institution.


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