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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bond Servants

Right now the great battle is over the budget. The biggest question in the minds of average Americans such as myself is how can you consume more than you produce. I say this knowing that the only money I owe is on my home. We're not people who spend more than they earn, and yes, we do have a budget that we go over a couple of times a year and tweak if needs be. Basically because we're spreadsheet nerds, but it's working for us.

Sure, I would love to not work, have money handed to me and never have to do anything for it. Who wouldn't? But I know I wouldn't appreciate anything bought with that money, not even the food I ate. Why? Because as a basically decent human being, I would know I hadn't earned a penny of it and that I didn't deserve anything I had gained from it. And so nothing I had would be worth anything to me, not even my life.

Thus speaks the attitude of the indentured servant.

If we are beholden to the government for everything in our lives, our lives are worth nothing because they do not belong to us, they belong to others who hold our bond. We are bondsmen, serfs, slaves, what have you, but we are not our own people. This is why so many people do not wish for government to be so heavy or involved in our day to day lives. They do not wish to give their abilities away to people who have no value for anything and would enslave others to keep their elite selves in power.

I have no wish to be anyone's slave. I refuse to give up any part of myself for the betterment of someone else that does not also benefit me. It is not within my rational self-interest to subjugate my will to anyone else just to make them happy. In other words, I am anti-altruism. I will never make myself unhappy to make someone else happy. My happiness comes first with me. If it benefits someone else, so much the better. I cannot truly enjoy anything knowing that someone else was made miserable because of it... unless it would happen to be putting a shiner on Nancy Legosi's face, let's face it, that's win-win for everyone involved. I get the satisfaction of trying to knock some logic loose in her head and she gets to play the victim, so even then, we're both happy.

Once you get into the welfare system, it's nearly impossible to get out. You will always be "victimized" by the system, while the system is telling you they are there to help you, just bend over and relax. But they don't want you to get out, not be dependent on them, because they lose another potential voter so they can "consolidate their power base". You're told where you can live, how much money you can make without losing your benefits, what to buy (Hello, WIC) and what lever to pull on election day when you will be trotted out before the cameras for whichever liberal candidate makes it out to the Projects so he can tell you he's going to save you from yourself.

Honey, ain't nobody gonna save you but YOU. And especially no politician is going to save you when you will easily see his lies the moment you get out from under his thumb. This is what Thomas Jefferson referred to as a self-evident truth. And we've beheld it.

In history people would sell themselves into indentured servitude for a chance to get out of whatever hell they were in, only to discover the new hell of slavery. They found out that once in, they were never able to work their way out of their bond. They had to eat and be clothed and sheltered and the holder of the bond made damned sure his slaves never got out, never made enough from their work to get away from it. The only way you got out was to die or be unable to work, then magically your bond was automagically paid up and you were on your own. It was eventually outlawed in the US because we recognized it as slavery and soul killing.

And then in the 1960's LBJ, that great ass, led us into the Great Society with Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare. And made all of the poor indentured servants. And Liberals praised him and cried about all the wonderful help this would be to society and the pygmies in Africa, or some such.

Forty-five years later we are reaping a very bitter harvest due to all of this "good" they've done. We have nearly half of all Americans dependent on the government in one way or another. Which is why they have everyone scared shitless about a "Government Shutdown"! ZOMG! Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!

Think about it. What exactly would happen if our government shut down for a few days? Consider this from the inestimable Douglas Adams:

Mr. Prosser: Do you know how much damage this bulldozer would sustain if I just let it roll over you?
Arthur: How much?
Mr. Prosser: None at all.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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