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Sunday, April 03, 2011


Having been called racist a lot in the past few years, I felt it incumbent upon me to explain how words have exact meaning. First let's look at the word racism. This is a word that is inflammatory and accusatory (for those less educationally inclined that most of my readers, you may look up any word in the dictionary that confuses you. I do try to be careful in my spelling, but being human, distracted and busier than a one handed paper-hanger, mistakes do happen.

Racism, by definition means quite literally "belief in race". So, by the literal definition of the word, there is not a person on this planet who does not practice racism. Go look, they do. I'll wait...

Oh sure, everyone is crying racist this, racism that... however, are they using the correct word or are they tossing around pejorative in the hopes of fomenting some sort of trouble? Are they just trying to shut out the voices or reason that are trying to point out something they don't want noticed? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, I'll wait while you cook up something good.

Evidently the current definition of racism is somewhat inclusive of everything. If you say people should work for a living and stop expecting everyone else to take care of them, you're racist. However, since the foregoing statement doesn't mention race at all, I am at a loss as to how that it is racist. You can try to explain it to me, but I already know it's what people who thought more in one day than most punks on this planet do in their lives call Argumentum ad ignorantiam means an argument from ignorance. It is negative evidence. Because I never used anything remotely relating to race in my statement, you cannot bring race to the party and expect anyone to dance with her. MLK called and says the Race Card is maxxed out. kkthxbye

If I say that all college admissions and job promotions should be based on merit, there will be a slew of idiots and mouth breathers screaming, "Racist!" before they get around to blaming Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin for warping my impressionable mind. How is this racist? Where is the race in that statement. It has nothing at all to do with race and everything to do with ability. There is not one single hint or nuance of the color of skin in that statement. Build a bridge, get over it. This is also an Argumentum ad ignorantiam. I'm sensing a theme.

If I say that employers should not have to pay unemployment tax and Unemployment Insurance is a steaming pile of crap, most on the left would scream Racist before they could get their Starbucks set down properly. Again, I ask, where is the race inherent in the accusation?

Let me tell you the overwhelming theme of all of the above statements. The theme is that only minorities are unemployed, stupid, shiftless morons who needs quotas to get ahead because they sure as hell can't do it on their own, everyone knows that! Sure, everyone who is Liberal knows that, because they have been feeding that truly racist line for over 100 years to the people they hold down.

When will people open their eyes and realize that all of the social and welfare programs in the world are the most racist of policies? It's as I pointed out in my blog months ago, they are too afraid to bite the hand they think is feeding them out of the kindness of its heart.

Lesson one, there is no kindness in the hearts of man. Accept it and move on. We have welfare and social Gimme Programs to get money from the government and elect politicians who will keep that money coming. Ask anyone in a union or "community organization". Let me explain, because it's not a hard concept to wrap your head around. If I got it my entire life, surely adults can grasp the concept.

It is in my rational self-interest... RATIONAL SELF-INTEREST... to work, do my job to the best of my abilities because I realize there is no knight on a shining steed swooping in to rescue me if I fall on my ass. I have to save myself because no one else is going to.

It is an employers RATIONAL SELF-INTEREST to pay his employees well and offer them good benefits to keep the good ones if he is going to expand his business and stay at the top of the economics curve. His employees will stay with him if he does, work harder if he pays them for working harder and better and he will not have to train constantly due to turnaround in his workplace. His business works better because everyone there knows their job and does it well and the customers realize that with every transaction that occurs. It's called profit and it's not evil. Anyone who tells you it is should be shot on sight.

Now, let's take churches. The most benevolent of all charitable organizations. However, what do they want from you? They want you to join up, onward christian soldier. They want you to join up, have your soul saved... but most importantly, they want you sitting in their pews, tithing to their church. They make more money, expand the church, etc.,. Once again, RATIONAL SELF-INTEREST.

The difference between the above examples and Progressive Liberal programs is that neither of the above want to hold you down and only let you up long enough to do what they tell you to do, because they know what's best for you. They put you in the public housing Pits of Despair, keep you in poverty, hand you just enough to live on, but they don't want you to get out, get a job and realize it's your damned money and they have no right to it, because it's in their best interest to have you believe that other people owe you something, so they can keep picking the pockets of the able to give to you.

Now, look at the entire blog and point out one instance where I've made this about race? It's not race, it's people. If someone makes YOU feel less than it's on you, not them. When you accuse someone of racism, unless they have just confessed to lynching a purple being from Venus, you are just projecting your feelings of inadequacy on them. When you accuse someone of being racist because they think children should learn academics in school and not how to fill out welfare forms, then that tells everyone around more about you than I expect you wanted to reveal.

Here endeth the lesson.

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