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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Do You Stay?

Every good friend of every woman in a bad relationship asks this question when the woman in question walks in with yet another horror story of the man she just can't seem to quit.

I ask this question of every single person I encounter who begs the government for a handout so she can squeeze out yet another kid from yet another man who left her the moment it stopped being fun and games. Why do you stay in your warehouse of despair? Why don't you get a real job and show your kids a real education if you don't want them in the same dark hole you're in? Why don't YOU show them a better way, because no one, including Momma Gubmint, is going to show them or you? They need you where you are.

Right now I am reading Andrew Breitbart's new book "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save The World", in bookstores now. I pre-ordered mine and woke up to find it shining brightly on my Kindle last week. I had to rush through some Patricia Briggs so I could read it. I'll re-read those books, I promise.

I bring up that book in this rant because Andrew and I had an epiphany of sorts at the same event, only he saw it one way, and I took a whole other slant on the situation and we both ran with our respective balls. Andrew saw the media bias and railed against the unfairness. I already knew the media was biased but Clarence Thomas was my first experience with the Liberals and a Black Man who was conservative. Both Andrew and I were outraged at what happened to Clarence Thomas. My anger was so great that people in my office avoided stringing the words Anita and hill together just to avoid another rant. It was difficult since a very nice woman, named Anita, had lab space not far from mine. I asked her quietly to have her name changed. It was just easier that way.

I had to read Uncle Tom's Cabin when I was in high school. It was an extra added bonus book for me since I tore through everything they threw at me and then put my spin on it to serve it back to them. Uncle Tom's Cabin was no different. I saw, immediately, the inherent valor and bravery of the title character. Tom made the best of a bad situation and in the end, refused to beat a runaway slave, knowing that he would be killed as a lesson to other "uppity niggers". I got a special extra-credit for drawing parallels in the stories of Uncle Tom and Atlas Shrugged. I'm smart that way.

I remember watching the Senate Hearings for Thomas' confirmation and thinking to myself, what did he do? Why do they hate him so? They hated him because he got above his raising, was against Affirmative Action and was conservative. There is no greater sin for any of their ballot cattle than to leave the plantation, denying them a sure vote to be cast for them in the ghetto precincts. Uppity Nigger, indeed. It was in every syllable they uttered. Every turn of phrase was meant to show the world that this negro had gotten above his raising.

In point of fact, the Liberals are much like the machines in the movie The Matrix and every conservative minority, gay, lesbian, abortion is like Neo who had pulled himself out of the Matrix and become intellectually free. Until all of the liberal ballot cattle, election fodder leave the plantation, they are intellectually enslaved by people who hold them in contempt.

Why would you stay with people who look down on you, constantly tell you that you're not good enough to do anything on your own, imprison you in their warehouses of despair, and then tell you that "The Rich" aren't doing enough for YOU!? Why would you believe the lies that it's going to get better once they can steal all of the money from the rich and give it to you? Has that ever happened in the entire recorded history of mankind? Has it happened in the past 100 years of their Do-Gooding?

Why do you keep believing them?

I'll tell you why. Because it's easier to sit back and do nothing than pull yourself up by your boot-straps and you have everything handed to you. It's easier to take than it is to work for yourself.

So now, I am going to let you in on a little secret. We, the People are a little sick and tired of hauling your lazy, no good, ignorant ass. We refuse to haul you any further. You don't want to work? Fine. Don't work. Oh, you need food and a place to stay? Let your need get it for you. Because there is coming a time when those of us who have made your stay on our planet so enjoyable and easy will have had enough of your whining and crying. Oh, don't worry, we won't do anything horrible. We will just not hear you.

And the people who do will no longer be able to help you in any way because you can no longer help them, so they will no longer help you.

Will you stick around once the fun and games are gone? I seriously doubt it. And they KNOW it.

So, stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.


Anonymous said...

You write well.

What is the book you are working on about and will it be a novel or nonfiction?

Severine said...

Well, thank you. It will be a work of fiction as it deals with the verbal alchemy of the Liberal Left