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Sunday, March 13, 2011

To Tap Or Not To Tap

The debate has begun on whether or not we should tap our Strategic Oil Reserves because of the price of a barrel of crude.

Now, let me explain something, we have tapped the strategic reserves three times before in the past 4 years and each time the price of a barrel of crude has come down. For diminishing returns each time. Each time the reserves were tapped it was because of a genuine interruption in supply, the Iraq wars, and Hurricane Katrina.

The first time the price of a barrel came down $36 a barrel, the second time $15 a barrel and the last time it only came down $5 a barrel.

We will begin with diminished returns, my friends and then the slippery slope has already been stepped upon and it's all downhill from there. Why? Because liberals cannot help but not learn from history, or they wouldn't keep trying their failed programs year after year. Never let it be said that lessons can be learned at Camp Oblivious deep within the wilds of the Progressive Liberal psyche.

Don't tap the reserves, they are meant to be used only in the event of an emergency, and your inability to do your job even adequately, Barry, does not mean that this constitutes an emergency.

You know, poor planning and all that...

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