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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Glasses

If you have seen the 1988 movie, They Live, with Roddy Piper and Keith David, then you know what I'm talking about. Those glasses that let you see the "real" people behind the power. When Roddy Piper's character gets some he puts them on, then staggers around, disoriented, because it skews his whole world view and what he thought he knew about the world. He sees one creature primping in front of a huge window. He wryly observes, "That's like putting perfume on a pig."

And thus lies the reason why Progressive Liberals hate people like Andrew Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Rush and James O'Keefe so much. They are like those glasses. They see keenly into the heart of the Liberal agenda and call it out and name it exactly what it is. If you really look at what lies at the end of the liberal agenda, you become disgusted and enraged that anyone would further it. I have more respect for doomsday cults than I do Progressive liberals because at least they are honest about what they are pushing for.

The latest round of James O'Keefe videos making the rounds concern NPR, aka National Public Radio and effect things like tax payer funding for it and PBS Television. Read all about it over at

O'Keefe, once again proves that even shoddy theatrical costuming can fool the Egghead Elites over at NPR. He has an American dress up and affect a phony accent and the big cheese at NPR are nearly orgasmic in their attempts to grab his promised $5 million donation if they could see their way to editing some "hurtful" rhetoric about Hezzbollah and Hamas in their stories. CEO Vivian Schiller could not grab onto the money fast enough or glaze over the vetting process more quickly in an attempt to grab Islamofascist money... that she KNEW to be from Islamofascists... now that is what really grabbed my attention.

Then we have one of the most telling interviews I've yet seen on television. Why Andrew Breitbart did not take Piers Morgan to task for the language he used is beyond my capability to explain in human language. COME ON, ANDREW! You had the perfect moment to illustrate how they use language to mold and shape the narrative and you whiffed. You whiffed.

Skullduggery? Who uses that word anymore but lady writers who spend far too much time mentally in the Regency period. He used negative language to caricature Conservative investigative journalists and all you could reply was "Dateline NBC does it, too." Really? Do they? Because he turned around and ignored that because he chose not to turn it around and address their causes as holy and truthful.

Andrew Breitbart did what normal conservatives do, and he decided to defend conservatives rather than shadow step behind the Liberal Idiot, and jab the Knife of Honesty into their kidneys and demand to know if they understood the exact meaning of the words they used. Force them to name it. MAKE THEM SAY IT. It is the only way we will finally be able to take these glasses off and get rid of the headache that is Verbal Alchemy. I'm tired of having to parse everything I hear and read through a prism of logic and reason and knowledge of human language to try to glean a hint of truth that may or may not be in the story.

I never figured I'd have to be a Cray II supercomputer trying to discern a story on a local religious group. But I had to take each word, every bit of grammar, syntax, etc., to finally figure out that there is a cult locally, that appears to be Christian in origin. However, our local Waco Trib decided that with this being the Bastion of Southern Baptists at Baylor, they could not be openly hostile towards a somewhat Christian cult. I'm not an idiot and it took me 3 readings to finally get that much out of it. It took deeper investigation to find out exactly who these people were, what they really believe, etc., before I felt comfortable in forming an opinion as to their aims in settling so close to the Koresh compound out in Mt. Carmel. Would have been so hard to write "Fellow freaks join Koresh morons in Mr Carmel"? No. But, it might have offended someone. Who cares? You cannot live in this world today without someone being overready to be offended by anything at all.

Screw that... Like Rowdy Roddy Piper, "I am here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And, I'm all out of bubble gum." Gimme back my glasses.

1 comment:

Mark Richter said...

These Progressive Liberals are the bane on truth and honesty in our country.

They cannot, for fear of being 'unliked', call things the way it is.

They try not to offend anyone, because they want to be liked, even though they hate themselves.

It is strange to hear someone who is a progressive, fascist, liberal, say we should be tolerant of Islamofascists, and completely ignore their own intolerance of Christian views.

So, they want us to be tolerant of an extremist religion that is absolutely intolerant of any other religion or culture?????

To all who follow this blog, imagine America, where your wives, sisters, daughters, girlfriends.... are not able to go out in public, unless completely covered.

Imagine, just for a moment, that if one of them fell in love with someone other than the religion pressed upon you, they would be stoned to death (Honor Killed).

Imagine every choice you have today, in our country and in the Christian religion, you no longer could make. You have no choice, but to follow an edict that is contrary to humanity?

Now think hard for a moment. Read the next part a few times and really THINK.

With the glasses on, you are able to 'see' what really lies beneath the surface.

Would you still ignore the truth?
Would you allow yourselves to be subjected to that type of life?

If you say "NO"...

What would you do to stop it?
Would you just lay down and let it happen?

If you say "YES"...

Why would you give up the freedom of choice?
Why would you subject the people you love, to that type of oppression?

YOU. Can do something about it. Each and everyone that wears the glasses and sees the truth.

Take those people to TASK.

Make them say what they are so afraid of saying.

The Truth.