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Friday, March 18, 2011

Leadership, Barry. It's A Word. Look It Up

Barak Hussein Obama... President of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on this planet, and what does he do while Libya goes up in flames and the worst natural disaster in Japan's history nearly obliterates the northern part of the main island?

He agonizes over his NCAA Basketball Playoff Brackets, and has to "decompress" with yet another round of golf. That's 72 rounds in 2 years already. Bush played 8 times in 8 years and he was pilloried as disconnected and elitist.

Mr Obama, Nero just called, he wants his violin back.

Wisconsin is toxic, his home state of Illinois is the next powder keg and where is Barry? Fund raising for his next run. Still agonizing over his brackets.

Ohio and Michigan are soon to be parking lots and where is Obama? Busy blaming the Israeli's for a Palestinian breaking into an Israeli home, stabbing and killing an entire family, including a 3 month old infant. The Israeli's should not have called the Palestinian a terrorist.

It's for the children because Barry really gives a damn.

But, talk about running around in circles screaming like Chicken Little, we're all gonna die because nuclear reactors in Japan are melting down because an earthquake knocked them around and then a gigantic tsunami wiped out all avenues of safely bringing the reactors offline.

You get more radiation from a banana than we'll ever see from over there even if they DO meltdown, Barry. Take a damned chemistry course already. You get more radiation flying in an airplane from Tokyo to LA to escape the radiation from the reactors. You'd get more radiation from simply living in Denver.

Oh yeah, and there are studies from years ago, performed over a period of decades that prove that high level exposure of radiation actually does not cause cancer. The incidence of cancer in people exposed to high doses was actually lower than the regular population.

Stop hyperventilating over your own manufactured "emergencies" in yet another power grab and your knee jerk reaction to ban everything. Water caused the problem in Japan. Get on board with banning di-hydrogenated oxygen. Atta boy! Again, take a freakin chemistry class.

If you were a fraction of the leader that George Bush was, and trust me, I was not a complete fan of his presidency, but he knew how to lead, then you wouldn't be dissing Israel, wringing your hands over Libya, and trying to bend over and spread them wide for the Chinese. They won't have to grease you or your ilk hard will they? I've never seen anyone so ready to bend over unless it is the French, and god knows they love their "quantitative easing".

To quote an acquaintance of mine, "Lead by example, you'll stun us all."

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