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Thursday, March 03, 2011

My Name Is Angela Richter and I Own Guns

Just think of all of the money I've saved the Associated Press just now. One less name they have to print.

Right now, in Illinois, the AP is pushing to make the names of gun owners public. I have no problem with that. Make the list of concealed carry licensees available to the public as well. I say, RIGHT ON!

If people really want to know, then they will know. Thieves and house breakers will know. Muggers and kidnappers will know. And spineless pantywaist liberals will know. Since I don't wish to even be on the same planet with crap like that, it suits me down to my toes. Leave me the hell alone. Do not rob me, accost me or even speak to me.

Why does the AP want to know, though? Why this burning need to answer the unasked, even unthought, question of who owns guns in Illinois. What part of the public's right to know does this fit in? In other words, Press Corps, who's asking? For any press arm to file a FOI request for all registered gun owners of any given state is highly suspicious. Coming from the state where our current president was once Senator and his comrade in arms is now the elected mayor of the largest city of that state... to quote a movie, "Alarm bells are ringing, Willie."

I think this is one instance where it's perfectly alright to ask the requestor, "Why do you need to know?" And then it raises another regulatory nightmare and the imp in me is begging me to try this. Who know? I just may.

Everything is regulated in this country, because we're obviously too stupid to let the market decide things. I say we go and ask for a list of all hair dressers, hot dog cart vendors, shoe shiners, hunting license owners, driver's license holders, commercial driver's license holders, nurses, doctors... you get the idea. It's what's know in legal circles as paper slapping.

Live by the paper mountain, get crushed under it when We, The People, have decided we've had enough.

And who do you think we're going to aim these registered guns we own when we recognize who, exactly has pushed all of this regulation and stupid fees and licenses on us because of their fear of living in a world where you must use your mind to live?

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