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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Selective Shaming

As most of my dear readers know, I'm not a big fan of Barry Obama. In fact, if I had my druthers I'd slap his stupid face and then kick him in the butt until he got an ounce of sense in his big, empty skull. I guess I can expect another visit from the Secret Service after this, but they are a reasonable bunch of guys who would never let me close enough to smack Barry, much less deliver the much needed ass kicking. I live to dream, and frankly that fantasy gets me through my days.

Now, for the past two weeks I have heard Barry trying to shame Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker because he sensibly said they will have to do away with collective bargaining in Wisconsin because the State no longer has anything to bargain with. Yeah? What about Colorado, Barry? Why aren't you shaking your finger at John Hickenlooper telling him that he is oppressing the poor public sector union feeb who wants more money for working less and paid days off to take his Labradoodle to the vet? You inhuman beast!

Colorado does not allow for collective bargaining with public sector unions. Evidently someone read something that FDR wrote back in the 30s. Where are Trumka and his SIEU ilk (remember, NOT a big deer? Shouldn't they be screaming their heads off and leaving trash all over the State House in Colorado, crying with rabble-rousers from the Administration just like they are in Wisconsin? Why are you picking Wisconsin and now Ohio to piss, whine and moan and carry on like a three year old denied a candy bar in the grocery line. I should smack the crap out of you and your ilk, too. Just for good measure.

However, violence is never the answer, as the Progressive gits in this country have been telling us since WWI. STFU before I back hand you. Violence is always the answer when you are confronted with people who wish to live without benefit of thought. The willful ignorance of these morons is astounding. But, in typical Lefty fashion, the moment you hit them with facts and logic they start either rocking back and forth in some weird autistic trance or screaming LALALALALA while clapping their hands over their ears. Kinda like the 3 year old in the grocery line acts when you tell them no.

Hmmmm, I'm smelling a theme here.

I'll bargain with you Barry and Trumka... I'll stop being so mean to you and your ilk just as soon as you stop being stupid.

Do we have a deal?

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