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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Look How Wonderful and Smart We Are!

A while back I wrote a blog about how Obama was only elected because he was black. I would like to apologize here for that statement which was factually wrong. He was also only elected because he has a Muslim name and in electing one of "them" we would show how tolerant and morally righteous we are and people wouldn't hate us all over the world anymore.

That blog provoked a comment from a certain Oasis724 :

Wow, I'm not even black and I found this slightly offensive. You do realize this is 2011, right? Everyone rips on Obama and says he got elected because he's black. No, he got elected because he was the better choice. He didn't come from the "ghetto" and got a decent education and therefore, in my opinion, earned his spot. You can't possibly think that idiot we just had for 8 years did a better job, can you? It's easy to ride Obama's ass about the state of the country, but who put it in the condition it's in? You can't hand someone a piece of shit and expect a diamond overnight. And if you know so damn much, why aren't YOU the president?

I don't think this person realizes the political and philosophical morass we live in at this point in the time line. We live in a world that has had brother love, altruism and socialism shoved down its throat for over 100 years. We have been told over and over that our brothers happiness is our only goal. Our own happiness doesn't matter, thought doesn't matter, our betters will tell us what to do and how it needs to be done.

To be crude, screw that!

The people of this nation elected a man they KNEW was woefully under-qualified to run it then acted all surprised when it went all pear shaped 2 years into his corrupt crony administration. Does it surprise you to learn that the Liberals spent over $730 million dollars to garner 52.8% of the vote, while Republicans spent $333 million for 47% of that same vote. Do the math. Ratio wise that's 7.25 dollars to 1 vote for libs and 1.41 dollars to one vote for Republicans. When you look at the margin of the win, tell me who the hell is more fiscally responsible. It was right there. And, that $730 million is only the money they have reported so far. Two years into this administration we still don't know about some of the money his campaign took in, much less who it is from. Follow the money.

I beg you again to go watch Evan Sayet's speech to the Heritage Foundation. He lays out, better than I have ever heard, exactly how and why Libs think as they do. This speech was done before Obama, so you can watch it without the "RACIST!" and "NAZI!" filters we are forced to endure in this day and age. He wanted to understand Liberalism and made an apt study of it over some years. He's right on the money with his observations.

The thing is, if we were so wonderful, holy and truthful, would we have really elected a man into the highest office of the land who sneers at our Constitution, sat in a church for over 20 years listening to sermons full of hate and racism, and who obviously loves being one of the elite "betters" but who had no practical experience at doing anything remotely close to the job he got? If that's the case, then every liberal who owns a business should be forced to hire the most ignorant, shiftless mofos to work for them. Because experience and knowledge don't count, right?

Make them live by their words... make them take the sword they live by and kill themselves with it. Force them to acknowledge the hypocrisy of their philosophy, make them choke on it. I get the feeling there are millions of Liberals out there trying to live by the words of Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone, "I have not yet begun to defile myself."

Don't let them get away with it. If only to watch their eyes pinball about their heads like Nancy Pelosi faced with losing Mjollnir. Just think of Jim Taggart at the end of Atlas Shrugged, finally forced to face himself and all of the years of lies he told himself.

That is what I want for each one of them. Then we can clear the trash and begin living as human beings again and not indentured servants for their fun. We are heroes, each and everyone of us who does not wish to live like animals under the heel of some dictator. They do. They want to live without the responsibility of thinking for themselves or making decisions, because if they do, then nothing is their fault and you can't blame them for anything and therefore cannot hate them for anything they do.

Once you recognize that fact, life become very free in an instant. I think therefore I am free. And I'll be damned if anyone shackles me because they want everyone else to like them.

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