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Friday, March 11, 2011

Attacking America... by Americans

I can pinpoint, with almost laser like accuracy the moment I knew the New York Times hates America. When they "outed" something or someone to force us into not doing something that was good for our country by skewing a story so badly that it made something good look bad. They were well practiced at it. They were masters. And they kept being good at forming public opinion for their agenda until Andrew Breitbart and many other net journalists came on board to show what they weren't telling us.

Now, it's 2011 and they have done something so reprehensible it infuriates me to a degree that I could hurl something through their windows. Preferably an RPG, but I digress.

For the last week or so, over at Big Journalism, Brandon Darby has been reporting on something I have yet to see outside The Bigs.

Last month, New York Times reporter James C. McKinley Jr. falsely reported that an FBI informant who helped to thwart a left-wing terrorist plot had actually encouraged the conspiracy. In the article “Anarchist Ties Seen in ’08 Bombing of Texas Governor’s Mansion” published February 22, 2011 online and in the print edition a day later, the Times indicated that former left-wing activist and contributor Brandon Darby urged two anarchists to firebomb the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota

Now, last week, a New York Times reporter stated to that The New York Times knew the story was false and wrong when they published it. Just FYI, despite urging from several sources, not to mention Retracto, The Correction Alpaca, to correct the story or print a retraction on more than page 36 of the Sunday Times under the fold, they have yet to even admit they "may have not had all of the facts" when they printed all the story.

Facts? Since when has the The Times even considered the facts in the fiction they print as news? Most of the stories in their Main section are hallucinogenic ramblings worthy of Lewis Carroll.

Mr. Darby is suing the New York Times for libel, which is a lie by print and defamation. To do this, Mr. Darby must prove a legal concept called "malice of forethought" which means they Times conspired to damage his reputation in order to promote an agenda.

If you think that's a far stretch to throw, then you'd be wrong. I could easily start pulling new stories from as far back as the early 90's to show you their agenda and many stories where they pilloried people who threatened the progressive agenda. Big conspiracy? Hardly, since it was obvious to anyone who had eyes, could read past the third grade level and knew better than to trust mainstream media with anything so precious as the truth.

If you were to ask me who threatened America more right now, Liberals or Islamofascists... I'd have to pick the fascist liberals and not the religious guys.

These morons have the means and motivation to "shape" public opinion and it's been shown, with crystal clarity, that they have and will continue to do so given even a whisper of a chance to promote the lie.

If you want to know what the lie is... you have to read my book. Which, if all goes well, shall be available at Amazon soon for digital download.

So saddle up your e-readers, Gentle Readers. For I will show you, with undeniable proof, what lies ultimately at the end of their "rainbow". And it ain't a pot of gold.

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