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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eric Holder, Biggest Racist EVAR

So, this morning I grabbed a cup of coffee, growled at the cat who got us up to let her in and fired up the intarweb to see if Joe Hicks had posted a new Minority Report on PJTV. Oh, did he ever.

Under Barry's mediocre tutelage, Eric Holder, at the Department of Justice, has set up the most racist agency in our country's history. Not only can you not sue for justice if you are intimidated by blacks at the polling place if you are white, now, you don't even have to be literate to get a spot on the New York Fire Department or a promotion once therein.

The Vulcan Society, a conglomeration of black New York Firefighters, has said that if a black person took the entrance exam for the FDNY and got at least 25 of the 85 questions correct, you can sue the city for a job and/or damages.

Loretta King a lifetime appointee at the DoJ wants minority butts in firetruck seats to "represent the diversity of the community". It's explicit quotas. She doesn't even care if they got one correct answer on the test. Keep it up, Loretta. Any more fine and you will need a bailout from Barry to pay all the sanctions against you. Bravo!

It's apparent you don't need a brain to be a fireman. I mean, any retard can run into a burning building and save babies, right?

To the blacks who are already in the FDNY and have worked hard and have every right to be proud of your accomplishments. How are you going to feel when complete drooling malingerers are in your crew? Can you trust them to do their job? Do you want them on your line watching your back? Think about that long and hard while you whoop it up over that the DoJ is doing to YOUR department.

In the meantime, I'll invest in some type of fireproof housing. I want someone slightly smarter than my dog protecting my life when threatened by fire.

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