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Sunday, March 27, 2011

They Don't Really Want To Help You.

Yesterday, on an abortive run to the new Fat Ho Burgers in town, I happened to look at a local high school campus as we drove by. My mood changed from "I'm hungry and we'd better agree on a place soon", to "Holy Mother of God, there is a 'social services' building on that school campus". It hit my outrage meter and pegged it.

I had just slummed through the ghetto of Waco, seen the new public housing, chain link all around it, flash cars out on the street, pits of despair, and now I am faced with what could be termed an inner city school because it serves in a black and Hispanic district and there are two things that you can think when faced with a building that says "Social Services" building. It is either the building where they teach the brighter of the ghetto dregs to work at McDonald's or perhaps, if they are lucky, be clerks down at the welfare office, OR, it IS the welfare office... on the campus of a public school. Because, let's face it, none of these kids is thinking Peace Corps or Licensed Counseling Social Worker, okay? This is a campus where they have a Crimestoppers Club on campus.

They have approximately 16 "College and Career Readiness" counselors in a school that has a 66% drop out rate. They have a pregnancy rate of 37%, with teen girls with multiple children at about 16% of that. For most of these kids the only useful education they get is down at County Juvenile Services. I've seen what a useless pit that is, from both sides of the courtroom. I tell you this much, work 2 months of any juvenile program and you will give up all hope for the future. Only heavy drinking and re-reading of certain books will even get you up to "pessimist" ever again. These kids know more about the streets, and yet have no idea who pays to build them, because they are taught in that self-same "social services" building that they are entitled to it because they are black, brown, female, retarded, and a victim.

Let me make this perfectly clear, none of those people working in that building have any intention of "helping" you out of your location, class, or stupidity. They want you totally dependent on them and Momma Gubmint for the rest of your and your childrens lives because it means a bigger budget for them, which means more power for THEM. Not you, just them. You are merely a number, added to many others that they use to justify their budgets.

And don't tell me you bitches don't work the system. I work in places where it's common to hear scum, just like yourself, talk about how you cheat the system, by getting every benefit imaginable and still work and get money, while your baby daddy of the day drives around in your car, spending your money. Yeah, you're really getting over, honey. Work it, keep working it. Think about it while you're out looking for your next baby daddy because the old one is in prison... again.

We don't need Social Services buildings on school campuses. We need classrooms filled with good teachers teaching them reading, writing, math, science and most importantly, a history that does not reinforce societal lies that they are victims and are owed something by everyone who really works. We need these people to learn self-reliance and they are NEVER, EVER going to do that while you hold their hand telling them how victimized they are. Kicks their asses and tell them to go out and get a damned education and get a job and don't ever look back at where they came from unless it's to assure themselves that they got out and need to stay out.

Nobody ever won anything by pissing and moaning all over themselves, playing the victim. Why? Because of people like me who see them there, rolling on the floor, and I kick them. Why? Play the victim, be the victim. I'll give you something to cry about. And trust me, there are more people like me around than any of us would like to admit, especially to ourselves. I despise you because you think that you can get something for nothing, you've been taught that same thing. All people like me do is re-educate.

I haven't posted much lately because it's Spring and like anyone else, I like the weather right now. However, I've been busy since deciding to rewrite my book and it's nearly complete in my head and now I just need to "take dictation" and get it all in a written, coherent form. I'll be giving you sneak peeks soon, so stay tuned. Then go down to University High and heckle the retards through the fence. Odds are, they're too stupid to do anything about it. I mean, they ARE waiting in the welfare line... at school.


Anonymous said...

I want to tell you something you bitch. NOT everyone in this world is as you described in this "blog". Sometimes kids come from families that are less fortunate and have to live in places like that because unlike you with your "so called" degree, at least they don't lie to have friends, and lie to get jobs they are real humans. I am a single mother of two boys and I work my ass off every week to provide for my sons and if you think that we all "play the system" you are wrong. There are some trustworthy people in this world. If you don't like that blacks and hispanics have a school like that go live somewhere that is all white, I hear San Jacinto in Pasadena TX has a good "white" community college. I dont appreciate you down grading a human like this. Are you human yourself? Because since you down grade humans then you down grade yourself. Take a look in the mirror and think about everything you have done in life? Have you been the "perfect" child, wife? IF you have then you need to walk on water because there is only one perfect person and I think we all know who that is. When I read this blog, I thought how can a person in this world be so hateful? You must not have any friends, your kids must hate you, and the people you work with, LORD help them, they probably don't like you either. So, next time you want to down grade CHILDREN that look to their parents for guidance and some of their parents are doing the best they can, take a look in that mirror, are you REALLY any better then they are? OH, and by the way, I am white and like I mentioned before I am a single mother and I do get food stamps and my kids are on Medicaid, so now what do you have to say about me? I work 40-50 hours a week, and I receive NO child support AT ALL. Raciest people like you don’t deserve to live in a place like this. Why don’t you go live somewhere else, where the population is more “white”. By the way, my kids go to university high school and they are not retarded.

Severine said...

Did you even read my blog or have someone read it to you? I realize that raising two sons alone, without a baby daddy to chip in the occasional Hamilton leaves you tired, but come on, at least try.

Next time you head on down to the Food Stamp office, think about what you are doing, what they are doing, and what message you are sending those two boys you brought in to the world to raise alone.

Are they really helping you? Did you know that the taxes you pay from the job you do have would cover the amount you get in food stamps? If you got to keep all of the money that you earned you wouldn't need food stamps and might be able to get ahead. It's math, I'll allow you time to add and subtract... take your time.

At San Jacinto College in Pasadena, TX their campus is smack in the middle of a burgeoning barrio filled with excrement that is illegal aliens. Burgeoning is a word that means growing, I spelled it right so you can go look it up. I hear that in Pasadena and Galena Park no one even bothers to call in drive bys from the local chulos because the police won't come out anyway.

Where are your baby daddies? Why do you have to work so hard? Doesn't it make you pissed that they used you as a drop off for the local sperm bank and booked leaving you holding the parental bag?

Now think about it, and I realize this will require you stepping out of your victimization box for just the tiniest of moments, but ask yourself if those folks in the welfare office are really helping you because you're a special snowflake and deserve this largess, or are they only trying to justify their salaries? (Again, largess is a word, you can look it up).

Now, put your big girl panties on and think to yourself "Self, they aren't really helping me, are they? I'm not really getting anywhere being on welfare and I will bring my two lovely boys up in despair, believing that they hold no responsibility for their actions." Look at those two boys and wonder if they will grow up just like their sperm donors. Do you want that or do you want better for them? Are you their shining example?

Calling me racist only shows me your fear... and it forces me to address some truths you are evidently still hiding from. You are a two time loser single mom, working just enough to continue getting welfare benefits. You allow men to use you and leave you with another child to feed and support while they are off doing only god knows what. You sound exactly like the type of woman I described in my blog posting.

I bet your boys will be proud that you are their mom as they get older and start to use you as their definition of how to treat women. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

Call me racist again and I just might make you prove it. Prove is a word, too. You can look it up.

Anonymous said...

I did read your blog as I can read, I do have an education and I don't lie about my degrees. The message that I am sending to my two boys is that as a single parent who works 40-50 hours a week in a job, I am doing my best in this world full of hatred people like you.

Ummm, it is only ONE baby daddy, I am not the type of girl that goes out and screws different people to get more then one baby daddy and where he is that is none of your business, he is not with anyone else that is for sure, he lives 250 miles away and I chose not to involve him in the boys lives because he is not father material after I divorced him after 14 years of marriage. Does it piss me off that he does not pay child support? NO, I would rather do it myself and show my boys that it can be done if we work hard in life.

I don't appreciate you calling my boys sperm donors or how they are gonna treat me. You don't know my boys and how wonderful I have raised them. Yes that is right I. They are the most respectful boys around. Everyone that meets them tells me what great boys they are and even their teachers at school say they are well behaved and very respectful. But I guess that is hard for you to believe from straight A students, oh and did I mention my son, he got accepted into UT Austin and with a scholarship. HMMMM, that must mean that I did not do a good enough job raising them and they will be dead beats like their father. Well, if I did not get them away from their father (yes they both have the same dad), they would have turned out exactly like him. So divorcing their dad was the greatest move that I have ever made.

You know, it doesn't matter what you think about food stamps or "welfare" as you call it. Just think your tax dollars are going to me too so thank you so much, my sons and I appreciate it.

Get a life and stop being so hateful in life. Not everyone can have the life of luxury. I work my ass off and unfortunately, I have to get some help. What is so wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with that at all.

My boys love me and thank me everyday for making their lives happy, and healthy. I don't regret what I do and you saying all of this hateful stuff does not effect me in anyway because I know that I am a good mother and I work my ass off and my sons are going to do great in life. So maybe you should put your big girl panties on and stop being so hateful. Maybe your kids will love you one day and your husband will too.

Severine said...

It would appear that you have good boys, or you have fooled yourself into thinking they are good. I've watched to many mommas down at juvie swearing Little Johnny was such a good boy and he'd never do bad again if the judge would just cut him a break, only see him back a few weeks later, with momma crying that same song. You're right, I don't know your kids, however I am well aware of the way we can delude ourselves.

This isn't about what kind of mother you are. This article on my blog was about how the people who hold your hand are holding your down and you don't only not fight, you offer them your neck because they've convinced you that being miserable is your lot in life, and telling you that you're too stupid because you're too poor.

I don't think anyone is too stupid because they're poor. If you're stupid it's because you wish to be. There is no reason on this world why you cannot educate yourself even if you just watch NatGeo every weekend to learn the mating habits of the gaboon viper. It's institutional ignorance such as what is seen at University High School that is the problem, not whether or not you feel inadequate because you're a single mom.

Teaching kids to get and education and get a job, then actually teaching them more than the TAKS test would be a fantastic start. Teaching them that if they get a girl pregnant they need to care for that child as well as the mother is another. Holding everyone responsible for their actions is the greatest way to teach responsibility. But if you're given a bye just because you're purple, don't make enough money or live in the slums is bullshit and you know it.

And just FYI, I didn't call your sons sperm donors, I referred to Baby Daddies as sperm donors. You were just the receptacle. If your ex-whatever was a bad partner, bad parent, then kudos to you for getting them away from his example. But you taught them nothing if you put them in a community where that kind of behavior is not only condoned but celebrated.

I work around baby mommas who constantly talk about this baby daddy and that baby daddy and how they are getting over on that person or this program. I seriously want to smack them silly, but I figure Karma will do that more effectively than I ever could and I'm patient.

Get out of the social services system, don't ever get in it because the ones who do get out are few and far between. Because the Liberals need you to keep voting for them, and it's convenient to have you all warehoused in public housing so they can trot you out each election day to pull their lever.

Be something more than ballot cattle.