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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tempest In A Tea-Bag

I've recently recovered from one of the worst colds in human history. Meaning it would have felled a grown man. Going through something like that hones your thought process, take another breath, try not to sneeze and cough at the same time, oh, god, is there enough Kleenex on the planet? I was a germ spewing phlegm factory. But I survived, because frankly, I'm way too mean to die.

I watched a lot of footage from CPAC. From the ridiculous to the sublime it was a sneak peek into Conservative America. It also showed me something that I had not realized before. Conservative women kick ass and don't stop to think about who thinks what about them. I admire the hell out of them. Personally, I've always believed that Ann Coulter and I were separated at birth. She says things I would love to say, but just don't think about in the manner she does. Love or hate her, agree or disagree, she brings things to the fore that most would rather she wouldn't. I am the one saying what everyone else in the room is thinking, she's saying what no one has thought about yet.

I feel about Dana Loesch in the same way. She's like the sassy little sister that I just have to love and hug because she's just so feisty! I can see why CNN has brought her over to discuss conservative politics. It shows that someone over there realizes that perhaps they don't have a freakin' clue as to how conservatives think and perhaps they should ask someone who actually is conservative instead of scratching their heads wearing that "I dunno" Vinnie Bobarino look on their faces on the air.

I also sat and watched the Atlas Shrugged movie trailer over and over. I have to admit, I love Ellis Wyatt, still and always. You look at men such as that and wonder why you ever thought anyone else was a hero. He's another who says exactly what he means and means exactly what he says. He doesn't care what the next guy thinks about his opinions. He depends on his own judgment, the public be damned. Moxie, he's got it.

The reason that the Liberals fear conservatives finally realizing their real place in the whole scheme of things is that once we throw off the shackles of the altruistic bonds they have tried to put us in, we realize that we don't need them, don't need to please them, and frankly, the world would be a better place without them.

In the upcoming days I will outline a truly conservative budget that we need to put before congress, and the solutions to many of the problems we really shouldn't worry our little heads about. Trust me on this, it's going to be epic.

I could write a book.

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