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Friday, February 18, 2011

Budgetary Woes

I don't know about most families, but my family has a budget. It's on a spreadsheet. We live by it. Why? Because we can't afford not to. However, by Obama and the Democrat Party example, I can simply refuse to make or follow a budget and get away with it. It's clearly been established.

This week's budget was another thumb of the nose to Conservatives and Libertarians across this country. We are told we need to economize. We are told we need to cut back. Where is our shining example. Because Mr. Obama, you sure ain't it.

Let me be perfectly candid, if businesses ran like the government we'd be gone, as a country, in a month. I have never seen such a bunch of limp-dicked, ass-covering, cowardly pieces of crap in my life. And they are concentrated in DC. If you want to announce your presence with authority, you can't do it bowing and scraping to anyone you perceive as more powerful in the hopes the playground bully won't kick the shit out of you.

As a former playground bully I can assure you, it only makes you more enticing.

Oprah Windbag got up last week and opened her pie-hole telling us we don't show the Coward in Chief enough respect. Oh really? What's he done that so worthy of my respect. I don't give out respect, bitch. Try earning it. It goes a lot longer toward your vaunted self-esteem when you EARN it.

But what do Libs know about earning anything? They believe everything should just be handed to you... because you exist. Panty-waists.

What really pisses me off is these elitist pieces of crap sit there and scold us and tell us we need to do this or we need to do that. Well, in the words of an LA High School Principal, I don't need to do anything but stay white and die. Don't sit there and tell me I need to starve while you stuff your mouth with maple bars. Don't tell me I need to live without electricity while you jet across the world to a meeting on carbon foot-prints. Freakin Limousine Liberals.

Don't tell me I need to retrench when you allot more of MY TAX DOLLARS to your union pals up in Wisconsin.

Let them eat cake indeed.

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