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Sunday, February 13, 2011

If You Celebrate Nihilism, Does That Make You A Hypocrite?

I've often posed this question to the transcendentally confused, the epistemologically challenged, and the odd aesthetic air-head. I giggle when their eyes roll around and they actually shake their heads. It's like teasing your cat with a laser pointer, fun and mean spirited teasing of the lesser abled.

I have spent much of this past weekend in a cold medicine induced haze, high-blood sugar, and boxes and boxes of kleenex, whilst watching videos from CPAC. I got to see Ann Coulter hawking her new, still-untitled book, Adam West speak about the new Tea Party Caucus, and Dana Loesch. I've seen many more, but those three stand out to me. It could be Thera-Flu, but the rest didn't always resonate with me.

Ann Coulter brought up a very good point. You can lead a Liberal to knowledge but you can't make him think. Let me put it this way, they learn the catch phrases, the know their knee-jerk responses, however, ask the to actually think it through and their heads will nearly implode. Case in point, Andrew Breitbart asking a union schill what his sign means and the guy literally ran away from him in fear.

Not only do they refuse to think, they are afraid to think. The burning question is why? What are they afraid of? They are afraid of seeing the end result of their "philosophy". For, at the end of any sort of liberal effort lies death, destruction, ruination and ignorance. Mass ignorance. Most of all it stems from laziness. People who want others to take care of them rather than care for themselves are the first in line at the Liberal smorgasbord of confusion and handouts. Others who wish to be lords and masters of everyone, the elite, telling everyone what to do, what to think, what to say, they are there, gathering in the lazy, welcoming the shiftless and ignorant with phrases promising them patronage and free cheese.

I'm like the old woman in the crowd at the presentation of Princess Buttercup. I'm yelling, "BOO!" very loudly.

Also noted this week that I have spent decades likening Nancy Legosi to Ivy Starnes of Atlas Shrugged. This week I changed my mind when I saw the trailer to the new motion picture. She is far more like the poisonous Lillian Rearden than anyone. The elitist bitch who has everything capitalism can give you and still wishes for the filth and shabbiness of socialism, just as long as she's one of the elite and doesn't have to be shabby as well.

She truly wants to eat her cake and have it, too. She was notably absent at CPAC 2011.

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