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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tax-Payer Revolt

It may surprise certain segments of society when the American Tax Payer has had ENOUGH! and finally snaps. Teachers, federal and state employees, union workers may be lying on the ground somewhere, bleeding, perhaps curled up in a fetal position, wondering what the hell happened.

In the book Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand described a society where people finally wake up, and realize the altruistic lie for what it is and begin to strike out. In one part she mentions someone slapping a woman who tells her child to give up a prized toy to another child who has no toy.

I clearly remember thinking "YES!" the first time I read the book. It is something that has always stuck with me, as has two other parts wherein a train hobo explains the wonderful social engineering experiment at 20th Century Motors. When it becomes "from each according to his ability to each according to his need" and a man who collects phonograph records has no money that he has earned to buy any because it's been given to a sniveling brat who needs braces or she'll have low self-esteem, he gets drunk one night, encounters the child and bashes her teeth in. He also tells the story of a man, who takes care of his mother, and that she falls down and breaks her hip. The night before she's to be transported to a hospital for an expensive surgery, someone smothers her to death. He speaks of people no longer being happy for the birth of a baby, because it's just another mouth the able have to feed, while the shiftless and lazy keep straining the system with more children, more demands.

We, as a society are at that breaking point. We are to the point of bashing in the teeth of the next baby mama we encounter. Perhaps you can't take a family vacation, yet again, because Laqueasha has squirted out yet more spawn, expecting us all to take care of her and it because Liberals have told her it's her right to be an unmarried mother of 4, degrading herself and the lives of her children because it's our duty to care for her and her spawn.

The next teacher who whines about actually have to contribute to their insurance and retirement plan, may get hit with a cheese wheel from Wisconsin. I have to pay for my insurance and my retirement plan. Most of us do you mealy mouthed whining sack of worm entrails. If you really had to compete for your job, trust me, you wouldn't have time to be whining about your benefits package. You'd be too busy boning up on Aristotle and the Socratic method so you could keep your job by showing your students are actually learning something.

Union workers? You sit there on TV and spout the party line about "working hard for hard working families". Oh, trust me, you lying sack of crap, you wouldn't recognize a hard working American family if they clubbed you like you deserve.

Unions are about these things:

More power for unions
Organized Crime
Money for upper echelons
Less work for more pay and benefits

That's it. It has only a handful of concerns. And get this, if the employer, regardless of who, didn't take dues out of the paychecks of its members, they would have next to nothing to donate to liberal politicians.

I'm willing to negotiate. Seriously, don't pay any attention to my flame-thrower. It's purely decorative. It's only necessary until I find a fire breathing dragon.

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