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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Religious Intolerance

Tolerance. It's a word. I looked it up. But it doesn't mean what most Liberals think it means. To them it means bending over and offering one's ass up for sacrifice. But that's not what it really means. Let me tell you a little story.

In the Judeo-Christian belief it is told that God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a religion whose followers would outnumber the stars in the sky or the dust of the earth, depending on which story you read. Abraham was married to Sarah, both were old at that time. So Abraham was taking a lot on faith. His wife, Sarah, was a pragmatic woman and knew that her child bearing days were long gone and so, she sent her maidservant, Hagar, to Abraham, to conceive a child that Sarah would accept as her own. I'm sure, in her mind that Sarah was sure that God was telling Abraham his children would start this religion, she just wasn't so sure they would be her children as well. And, this was an accepted practice in those days.

Well, wouldn't you know it, Sarah conceived shortly after Hagar conceived. Hagar probably got a little uppity, and what did Sarah need her anymore for anyway, so as soon as she gave birth, they left her in the desert. Sarah gave birth shortly after and they named the child, Isaac, which, I understand, means Laughter. Who wouldn't laugh at an old lady having a baby?

Abraham seems to have been OK with this since God had told him that the religion would be founded through Isaac, and Ismael would found a nation. He is widely seen to be the founder of the Arab nation. Perhaps this explains much of the eternal conflict between these two Semitic heritages.

So, what happened to Hagar and her baby boy, Ismael?

Hagar despaired of finding any water and set Ismael away from her and went to a bush for shade and wept. It is said an Angel of God appeared before Hagar and told her to stop weeping, and a well appeared. He told her that Ismael would be the father of a nation. The Arab nation.

Now, let me lay a little theory on you, just to see what percolates up from our collective consciousness. Let's say that the Arab decided that Isaac had gotten the whole "Chosen People" thing and being the bastards, wanted a piece of that pie. So they steal an ignorant memory of the God of the Jews and twist it and turn it, over centuries into the most intolerant, most hateful religion ever seen on this planet.

Islam has nothing to do with God and everything to do with Envy, Greed, and is bastardized from beginning to end. I do not and will not accept it as a legitimate face of God. Because, you see, I do believe and I don't cherry pick my religion cafeteria style.

My faith is something that fire cannot melt out of me. It is my opinion that my faith is every bit as strong as theirs. It's also where most Objectivists wave their hands at me and despair of my ever being truly "rational". However, since I see the true face of God that has been handed me, I do not see Him as an oppressive, punishing, awful tyrannical God, ready to harm His creations at the whim of some ball of mud He blew breath in to. There are rules to follow, but none of them oppressive to any. None of them are harmful to the spirit within each of His creations. In fact, they are quite freeing and afford a comfort in life that I rarely see others experience with the same joy I do.

God is about faith.

Man is about religion. And mark my words, Islam IS A RELIGION. As is Christianity and Judaism.

Religion is wrong. And yes, the Catholic Church may excommunicate me for what I am saying here as I question much of their Dogma as being man created and not God inspired. Of course, I consider the rest of Protestantism and other “denominations” with the same Gimlet Gaze. Because it always seems that their “dogma” always benefits the elite few. It's all about power and has nothing to do with God.

Hmmm, that sounds very familiar to me. And tell me, why should I be tolerant of a bunch of women fearing panty-waists who use some idiot prophet of theirs to justify their deeds? Remember, justification is when you lie to others. Why would you need to lie if what you are doing is so holy and truthful? What kind of God asks you to kill others, subjugate women to attain heaven? And WTF is the thing with the virgins?

Nah, it's made up crap all the way down with Islam if you ask me. I don't have to tolerate that crap. Now, bring on the Buddhists.

By the by, go to see Iranium if you want to understand where I get my heretical ideas.

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