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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Shrinkage means many things to many people. To the male of the species it is a cringe-worthy word, inspiring thoughts of non-performance and cold water experiences. To retailers it's sticky fingered shoppers and broken inventory.

To Conservatives and Libertarians alike, it means less governmental interference in our lives. Period.

Government should be so small and insignificant that we should not even think about it until an emergency arises. Let me outline what does NOT constitute an emergency that requires our tax dollars spring in to action.

Tidal Waves
Wind Storms
Lindsay Lohan
Anything Screamed by Liberals

See? It's not a long list. What does constitute an emergency that our government should "handle"?

Border incursions by an invading force, i.e. illegal aliens
Bomb explosions by an enemy of the state
Trade Agreements (not really an emergency but they need to be there)

Our government was not meant to take care of us, cradle to grave. Anyone who wants that is a lazy, useless mother-pussbucket and you can tell them I said so. You can also tell them that I know where they live and I'm on my way over to kick their asses for being useless gits sucking on the public teat of the welfare dollar. Less suckers, less of my tax dollars that I earn taken out of MY paycheck that I earn.

You get rid of welfare, medicare, medicaid, and public housing, that is a HUGE weight off the tax payer. Ease out Social Security, let people invest their earned money in things that will help their retirement be better, and stop telling people they are useless and HAVE to sign up for social security at 65. Fuck that shit. (I apologize to anyone offended by my language, but it sinks to the level of the subject matter.)

We are taxed to death because of all of the regulation, pampering, entitlements, and bloated public sector paychecks. Wisconsin, right now, today, is a shining example of useless monkeys thinking they are entitled to anything more than a swift kick in the ass. They think their jobs are ensured because of public school laws. Really? Privatize that and watch how quickly you are shown for the stupid, unthinking liberal git you are. Where do you go when you've no one to whine for you? I owe you something. Yeah? Come get it, my friend. I bet what you get is not what you think you deserve. But it's what I think you deserve and really, at the end of the day, I can deliver and have the will to do so. My kind will always prevail, regardless of you attempts to hamper me.

Government patronage is NOT a right. It's not even desirable. I can prove that I am right. Spouting the lie of altruism will not help the Liberal cause. Not with this Americanian.

Remember what I've always said, if you ever come upon a person who demands that you sacrifice yourself for the happiness of another, beat them with a tire iron, until they stop bleating. I don't see it as a crime. Why? Because I don't think that any worthy, rational human being would spout such crap and expect to live.

Ah! I may have strengthened my theory of them all being nothing more than some death loving cult inspired by a half-witted Frenchman with body odor.

Take that Jean-Paul Sartre. Take that. And I didn't even need a government grant to think it up.

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